Problem with Dev for me

I know what tech stack to use but i don't know much in detail on how to use this.

For instance i want to build something similar to facebook(Idea is different but notion is same), so the techstack i know is pretty simple:

  1. React js
  2. Node js and Express
  3. Firebase

That's it, but i am not able to build such project, can someone recommend me some free resources or maybe clone. I know this is a hard project but still i have good idea where users could interact.

Also it would be of big help if y'all give me some tips.

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    You may not need to use NodeJS and Express. Check out this video from FreeCodeCamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_u6P5k0vP0

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      Thanks!! Can you give me some tips, like how to proceed with this project and sort of planning needed. I follow SCRUM method alot.

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        Since it's essentially a social network that you're building, I think you should take heed from others who have done the same thing before. Look for interviews with the founder of this site for instance where he mentions that it started with a blog and a mailing list. Basically, don't try to build more features than your users have told you they need. Important part being that they specifically TOLD you they need them.

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          Yes you are right, first we just need a product that is visible to the world with simple CRUD functionality, then features can be added progressively. Thanks! for the tips.

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    This is the difference between being a software developer and a software engineer.
    Just start with the simplest product that is useful. Then as @cannonspark said listen to users, but select a feature to implement by yourself.

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