March 23, 2019

Problems with problems

Andrey Torus @torus_andrey

What do you do when you have a problem with using a digital product? 🤔 If this problem is serious, you usually write to the support service. But if this problem is not technical, for example, related to usability, the problem has the low chances of being solved for several reasons.

The support service usually deals only with technical problems, as they are considered more important, and at best you will receive the answer "Thank you for writing to us about it. We will definitely give it to the management." (I do not in any way blame the support service for poor performance!)

If the problem is lucky, it moves to the next level - to the team that is creating this product. But two problems arise: there is already a task pool that was planned and it is not clear how important this problem is since only one (or a few) people wrote about it.

Social proof and publicity can help solve the problem. Social proof will show the importance of the problem for users, and publicity will not give silence about the problem, will force the creators to respond to those who agree with this problem.

I am developing my project so that people can share their problems with digital products, get support from other people and draw attention to their problem from product owners.

Also there you can publish your ideas for improving products and receive feedback from the community.

At the moment, the product is at the stage of the beta version and initial content filling. I would be glad if you share your problems at! Also, I will be glad to any feedback on [email protected]

Welcome to!

🙏 Thank you for reading!

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