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Process of selling an app



I had built an app a couple of months ago and I want to sell it now. The app internally uses Firebase, google OAuth, and a few other services which I had registered with my personal email ID. Now If I sell it to someone else should I give away my credentials along with the app or should I ask them to create their own? and how can I transfer all the data smoothly(eg. Firestore data) which is currently in my account? If anyone has ever done this, could you please suggest what to do?

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    This is why you should always create separate company logins. Most buyers want you to hand over all credentials, this is tricky if it's tied to your personal gmail. I'd start on this now. I'd create a new separate account that you can easily transfer the credentials to the buyer.

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    Let me know when you've got all this figured out, might be interested in buying.

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        @Weymoney have you sold your app already? If not, email me.

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    @iqbalcrat you still looking to sell it? If so, email me at [email protected]

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    If you have multiple projects connected with your Google dev account, move everything related to this project within it. Once done, you can add your buyer as a developer into it. Once there they can remove you from the project, for a complete transition.

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    These are questions you better have thought about Before 🤓

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    There should be an option to transfer ownership in Firebase. Also, you can change/update the email from profile or settings page.

    Good luck!

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