Product Development April 20, 2020

Product Agency owner giving away 10 free 30 min consults

Jesse MS @jessems

Hi everyone,

I'm the founder of a product development / design consultancy and former product manager at FIFA. As a result I know a thing or two about what sets successful products apart from unsuccessful ones.

I want to help out 10 Indie Hackers before the end of the month with their projects or ideas by giving out free 30 minute consultations.

Book a session on my calendar here:

The main thing I can help with is helping you achieve more clarity.
Successful products are the result of making good decisions. Decisions such as: which idea to pursue, what to work on and how to spend your time.

How are you supposed to make a good decision if you're not clear on what the options are? Or, what if the decision itself isn't even clear? The answer is, you can't! And this is where I can help.

So if you want to make better decisions for yourself and your product, let's hop on a call.

Here is what some other indie hackers had to say after doing a session with me:

that strategic look we had into my business idea really help me to look at the project from a different point of view and focus on what is important. Besides that roam tool is just awesome. A loud thank you is in order.

Did a strategizing session with @jessems impromptu. Went through lean canvas for and I’ve to say... we were stuck with monetisation initially but now we’ve discovered new possible revenue streams. if you need help, ping him!

Looking forward to speaking with you!

That calendar link again:

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    I'm fully booked for this month guys. Really blown away by the response.

    If you're reading this later on and you're still interested, DM me on Twitter and I'll let you know if and when I do a next round.

    Really pumped for these upcoming sessions!

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    Hey @jessems I actually appreciate your initiative. Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you soon

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      My pleasure Alex. Looking forward to it as well!

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    Thanks for doing this @jessems. Booked a spot for Thursday.

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      Great! Looking forward to it!

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    Thanks for a great initiative. Just took a spot. Talk to you soon. 🍀

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      My pleasure! Looking forward to speaking with you.