Looking to Partner Up June 6, 2020

Product designer/Marketing co-founder wanted :)

Shayan Javadi @shawnjavadi


I'm currently the solo founder of a music theory education app called https://www.solfej.io/.

I'm looking for a product design/marketing cofounder.


Let me know if this sounds interesting and we can talk further!

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    Hi, @shawnjavadi. Is your call still actual?

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    Just glanced through and noticed a typo in the phrase "Interactive Excercises". It should be "Exercises".

    You've done a great job with the design, it looks attractive.

    Perhaps you may want to add a gamification feature to increase/improve engagement. Musicians typically like to connect with each other.

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    I'm in the online music business and have over 10,000 customers. I'm also a marketing wiz! I'm going to try out your app.

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      Awesome. Would love to know what you think of the app!

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    What an awesome app idea! Love this, congrats on your work <3

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    Hi, I have several years experience in digital marketing and currently transitioning to a more UI/UX type of role. I'm interested!

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    Hi @shawnjavadi, I can help you with this. Email me: [email protected]

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    Hi @shawnjavadi, have you found a designer for your product?

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      Not yet

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    Good afternoon Shayan,

    Hope you're keeping well. I am most definitely interested in helping you market your product. Firstly, you have done an excellent job of making the app look appealing on the App Store. Your website looks professional, showing what's on offer to new customers. I believe that we can create an email list to go alongside your website, which will send out daily tips to musicians who choose to sign up. We can add a CTA (Call To Action) button which redirects customers to the website or app, with returning customers having easy access. We could also utilise Facebook Ads and Adwords to monetise your app and website.

    Let me know what you think and look forward to hearing back from you,


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    Just curious, how did you design your app screenshots for the App/Play Store?

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