Product Development August 5, 2020

Product dilemma. Please help.

Dr. Singh @docnbs

We launched edfone with an intention to make homework more fun by allowing students to use their voice to submit classwork. 5 months post launch couple of large schools signed up for the product with a good ARR. Sharing product video below.

All went well until the schools requested a feature to allow tests through edfone. As we needed time to work out the overheads, we put it off for later.

In the meantime, Teachers started conducting exams using the homework submission flow. As exams come with a defined start and end time unline homework, the Teachers started setting close deadlines of 10/20/30 minutes etc from start to finish to submit these tests through the platform.

Am worried if the product will lose it's identity as a fun homework submission app to an intimidating test app.

Should we ask the schools to stop using the platform for short deadline tests?

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    Your users are using the product to solve a real problem they have. You should be glad and embrace that!

    Talk to the teachers, understand what problems they have and build on that.

    Build the product's identity around the problem, not the solution.

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      I agree the product's identity needs to be around the problem. :-)
      The issue we are facing is satisfying two different personas we cater to on the platform - teachers and students.
      With respect to homework the features on the platform are helpful and fun to use for both teachers and students. When it comes to tests with grading, most students seem to despise tests.

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    No matter how intimidating you might think your app is becoming its not as intimidating as forcing kids to go back to school in person and risk Covid. Young people are more at risk than many have been led to believe - just because you won't die doesn't make hospitalization a good outcome. If your app can relieve some of the return to school pressure then that's great.

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      @disrael That's an awesome perspective. You just inspired us by showing a greater cause. :-)
      I agree with your point that young people too are at risk for covid. Hoping to have an effective vaccine soon to end the pandemic.

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