April 3, 2019

Product Feedback - When To Launch - Launch your product on the right date

Vignesh Vaidyanathan @VigneshVaidyanathan

Hello, fellow Indie Hackers. I have just launched WhenToLaunch, an analytics platform based on Product Hunt to let makers know the optimum time to launch their product to receive maximum traction.


WhenToLaunch helps you determine the optimum date to launch your product on Product Hunt.

This app is the outcome of a simple script that I built to analyze the trend of products and upvotes on Product Hunt using the ProductHunt API. I also wanted to track when users are most active on upvoting so that I could schedule the launch better.

After building and using the script for a few days, I noticed that there are optimal times when a product should be launched to maximize views/upvotes. My gut told me that the best way to figure out when to launch my product was based on analyzing data, and I was proven right.

I shared my findings with a few of my fellow makers and asked if they also struggled to figure out when to launch their products. And guess what, they did. So I decided to publish this as an app, to make it easy for anyone to use this tool.

This is a very modest start that could turn into a bigger analytics platform, but initially, does this solve anyone else's problem here?

More analytics based on category and upvotes for products will be added to make the app better. Please let me know if you want something more to be added into this or any feedback here.

Currently, I have opened it for closed invites so I can get feedback from makers and improve it. So please check it and let me know.


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    hey, this is cool..Looking forward to use this to schedule our upcoming products on product hunt. BTW our recent product "Dragula" did very well on product hunt . you can check it here --- https://dragula.teamxenox.com

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      Hey, thanks. The aim was to help other makers ship products at the best time for reaching people. :)
      I checked Dragula, great job on it for about 450 upvotes. All the best for your upcoming products.

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        Thank you so much..

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    This is so cool, I've always had this idea in mind, to find out whats the optimal time to post on IH, PH, HN, and etc...
    I would love to get an invitation, and to prepare howuku.com for a successful launch in PH!

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      Hey @donaldng, thanks for the comment. I will send a request in a few minutes. Also thanks a lot for getting the feedback done. I hope to post more analytics into this to make this useful and better.

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    +1 to expanding to other forums (HN, etc)

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      Sure I am working on something to get stats out of other forums. Will keep you updated.

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    I think(?) I just submitted for an invite, but for me the "Request for Invite" button got stuck on the loader and still remains..

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      Let me check that and send you an invite rightaway :)

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    Looks good, would be cool to see similar stuff for Beta List, Hacker News etc.

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      Yes, I am sure hoping to expand this to other platforms and give a complete statistics on times on when to launch. Still working on it.