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About me

I am an aspiring entrepreneur based in Edinburgh, UK and have a couple of ideas in automotive/mobility space. My background is in automotive product strategy, and recently I also helped another startup, working as head of product for their software platform. I am not a developer, but really enjoy answering why we are building something, and talking to customers.

Came across indie hackers and recently joined this platform; very interesting to read other people's journey and gives me confidence to go after my dreams.
I decided to start working on my ideas and currently, my efforts are focussed towards wireframes/ put my thoughts into paper so that they are organised.

What I am looking for

I am interested to partner up with tech, marketing or other areas even just to brainstorm, I may be able to provide some insights on some of the projects that you are working on.

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    Will be happy to have a chat :-)

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    Great. Iam a former IT engineer (IT network and security). Hope we can partner up and make something :)

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    Great, wish you the best on your journey! I hope you'll find what you're looking for. I guess it would also help if you provide more context to partnering up - what you can give, what you expect, a partner in which way - etc.? Just a feedback that could help to find faster :)

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      Hi, thanks for your comment. Initially I was not sure whether to write a long post or a basic intro, but from your comment it is clear that more details will help.

      I am looking for a developer who can build an MVP so that I can test it out in the market. Even before that, a designer UX/UI who can help me with wireframes. Similarly, marketing etc.

      The goal is to take this idea, validate it and go further. At this point, I have collected customer research, understand requirements, they are all spread across various notes. I am now working with freelancer designers to scope out customer journeys, IA etc. The next step is to take these screens and validate, it would be great if I can make an interactive prototype out of it. Development is the final step (again this is what I think, and I can be wrong)

      In terms of partnering, all options are on the table. I believe that we need to build mutual trust. If we look at this as a straight transaction, then I need to figure out if I can afford to pay for your service (is it money or money+equity) but I am unclear about it. I have registered a company and in two-minds about taking seed capital, but it could be possible that a small seed capital can help.

      I would expect that whoever we work with that both of us actually put in effort and are committed to building the product. This means that I have to convince others that this is worth doing, and for a small period of time we would be collaborating without any money involved.

      I am sure it is the same for everyone when they start out, the insecurities of finding the right team/partner. It's not so much about ideas, I believe it's about what can I/we execute and actually deliver.

      Hope this gives you some more background.

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        Hey @vishnuuvm,

        Good luck with what you're pursuing. Any innovation in the automative space is exciting.

        It would be a good strategy at this point to start with a landing page and growing an audience, as you'll automatically have a user base that could validate/refine your idea. There's some really useful information on this post too. All the best!

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          Thanks for your comment.
          I am currently working with a designer to draw up user flows/wireframes and exploring if I can use no-code tools to build a minimum sellable product.
          Then it would be a bit easier to attract people. At least that's the plan, :) Let's see how things progress.

          I have read that post, and honestly I am lost when it comes to tech stuff. Will explore setting up a landing page.

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        Thanks for sharing! I hope you will find beneficial connections.

        Have you checked no-code tools? We are now converting our web app to no-code. You can actually create MVPs without coding. I am not saying don't try to find a developer to partner with - but you might want to check no-code tools.

        The capabilities just shocked me.

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          Yes, that's what I am exploring now, using no-code solutions to build a product. I tried to spend some time to learn Bubble, but I soon got overwhelmed.

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    Hey there!

    Just get an upvote from me, because I also have a bit of product background in the automotive field (our startup went from a "garage" stage to acquisition by Zurich Insurance in around 4 years).

    Good luck in your search!

    PS: you can also try to browse through: Side menu --> Products --> Keyword / Insustry search.

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      Thanks for your upvote. Great to hear about your startup story. Will message you

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