March 10, 2019

Product Hunt - got hunted too early. What should I do?

Rory Gibson @rorygibson

I've been waiting for a while to do a PH launch until I had more feedback. I finally reached what I think is a well validated feature-set for [Trolley](, only to find that I'd been hunted a couple of months ago and hadn't realised - very few upvotes and not a lot of traffic.

I've seen a few people launching "<startup> Version 2.0" on PH in the past... is this the best way to try to rescue the situation? What else could I do?
Advice appreciated.

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    Message the PH team and explain the situation, that you have a bunch of new features and want to do a proper launch. I did this with Jekyll Themes and they were super helpful – the original listing stayed but I was able to submit it with a -2 at the end of the PH URL.

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      Worked perfectly, thanks!
      Now relaunched here:


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        Nice one! Upvoted :)

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      Ah, great - thanks for the info. I'll try to do it that way.

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    Who hunted it before? You can check the hunter. I would prefer not to make it 2.0 because it is not 2.0, If it is still in BETA call it beta and start over

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