Product Hunt Launch Anxiety

I just scheduled my very first PH post ever. With my coinDrop.me project. Its about human readable bitcoin wallet addresses. How have you guys and gals managed the pressure of dealing with the anticipation before the launch?

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    As someone who have Launched 15 products on producthunt and with 7 in top 5 and 12 in top 10. Here is my secret.

    The key is Preparation:

    Post Launch Day:

    • Create a upcoming product page on product hunt, that will help you gain initial Traction on Product Hunt.
    • Get inside relevant discussions room and communities that relate to your audience.
    • Interact with initial audience.

    On launch Day:

    • Schedule your in advance to be launched around 00:01 San Francisco Time.
    • Use tool like https://previewhunt.com/ to prepare for content in advance
    • Write posts in advance on Medium and other blogging platforms that relates to your audience
    • Post on relevant subreddits of Reddit.

    After Launch:

    • Responed to comments on your post, both positive and negative.
    • Relax and trust the good work you have done. If your product is right community will definitely pour love.

    ✨🚀 All the best

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      Thank you so much @sarthology. This really is great advice. Would love it if you could look at the project and give some feedback on the content.

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      Great advice! Have not launched anything yet but will definitely save for later :)

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