Product Hunt post-mortem

Hey all, just a quick update on this.

I'm very happy with how this experiment went. I was only expecting a couple of upvotes from friends, but todoMini got 30 upvotes in the end, which is great, especially for a todo list.


Didn't quite make it above the fold, but made it to #5 in the "more" list which is also very satisfactory. Many submissions never make it to visible at all and that was my expectation here.

Had 5 people sign up for a trial, which is 5 more than zero, lol. Interesting that not every upvote is a person actually willing to try the thing. That's good feedback & expectation setting for next time.

My goal with todoMini was to take a piece of software from rough to polished to shipped to product hunted. I've learned a lot in the process, especially iterating on presentation & copy. Since my wife and I use todoMini ourselves its not going anywhere, and I will keep it up and running and just let it do its thing.

Now to do it again. :D

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    Awesome, congrats. Now it’s time to reach out those 5 people and ask them on thoughts on product to get valuable insights :)

    When asking try to be bold and specific as possible. Always ask about person problems and experience they can easily refer. Try to avoid outsourcing your product work and asking them for ideas. For example

    Why do you love using X?
    Why do you hate using X?
    What problem does X solves for you?

    Do not ask:
    What feature would you like?
    Can you imagine using it for work?

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      @chr15m agree that you should be doing some serious customer development now. And shameless plug that my product helps with this some. Feel free to send me an email and I could help you get set up, since you're unlikely to go over my free plan anytime soon. Also would not mind helping you figure out some other questions to ask when doing your customer dev.

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    Congrats on the launch. Now the real work begins! Post product hunt is the hardest. I think it depends on your product/offering but talking with those folks that expressed interest is a great first step. From there you can see if there's potential to unlock more insight of where you can take things OR evaluate if you should continue. Best of luck!

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