Landing Page Feedback April 5, 2019

Product Hunt Ship page feedback?

Kelvin Angstrom @kelvin

I got some amazing feedback from you awesome Indiehackers on my homepage recently.

So I’m back for a little more please ;)

I signed up for Product Hunt Ship Pro a week ago and created an “Upcoming” page.

There haven’t been many people that have subscribed so far, which is a bit disappointing but early days. I assumed that PH would tweet about upcoming pages from @producthunt but they don't.

After reading lots of old posts here, I know that there are a bunch of Indiehackers such as @skr and @jayfk (maybe @csallen too?) that have used Ship Pro. Also, there are a good few Product Hunters themselves here like @rrhoover, @nickabouzeid and @vesln. So hopefully I can get some feedback, good or bad.

Thanks a million!


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      Thanks Ciprian, I'll have a read of that. It seems like a comprehensive article. Were you involved with that launch or is the article something that you came across?

      1. 1

        I came across.

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