March 20, 2019

Product Hunt vs BetaList vs Hacker News launch results

Jeremiah Smith @itsJeremiahS

If you're launching something soon here are the results of the last 6 weeks of my launches on the 3 platforms:

Spoiler alert: Product Hunt wins hands down (83% of total traffic and highest conversion)

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    I can write from experience at Bybrand At the customer registration point, to evaluate the product
    I had better results when I added my page to the Hacker News in relation to BetaList, PH only wins in traffic

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    its says [removed] there on reddit.

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      Ok I also posted here

      Grrr Reddit is so picky it's difficult to have a discussion...

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    Thanks for sharing the Linkedin post! Very helpful.
    Any advice on when to launch? I have a product called currently in beta but I am scared to lunch on those sites for fear of being overshadowed.

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      (Assuming you are talking about launching on Product Hunt, others are straightforward in comparison)

      I pretty much followed the official guide. That being said, I would stress these points:

      Have an 'established' person hunt you so you get on the frontpage immediately (there is a newest section on PH which means practically no one will see you)

      Launch between midnight and 00:30 pacific time

      Have a small group of supporters (like your beta users) who will go to Product Hunt right after you launch and support you to get your product on top early on (virtuous circle of being on top brings more exposure -> more exposure brings more votes)

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        @itsJeremiahS Thanks for the feedback and the Add on Linkedin 😉

        Taking your feedback, I think we are going to try and gain a small following before we launch on PH.

        I will probably be reaching back out to you before we go live. Haha

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          Sure! You know where to find me

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