Landing Page Feedback July 9, 2020

product listings app

cri @cridev

Please tell me what you think about this idea to

create professional looking product listings in minutes

Simple, effective templates for your eBay product listings

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    There's no big red flag regarding the content but the UI and UX might need a push. Try to look at Landingfolio :)

    I'm also improving my landing page, keen to hear your opinion!

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      Thanks for the heads up, tots agree.
      love the concept of airtable bases as integrated views in virtual mojito, lean af.
      and that it's served by notion is even slicker.
      I think that the headline and subheadline give a sufficient insight to the user if continuing to browse the site is worth it, +1

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        Hey @cridev thank you so much for your feedback!

        Is it possible if I grab this comment as a quote? Would love to thank you on my monthly update too. Are you on Twitter? Let's chat :)

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    I like the idea, but I'm not in love with the landing page design (the copy and the demo work for me though). At first I thought the demo was an animated gif but then I noticed it's a script. Did you write it, or is that a library? I'm looking for something similar, but I was going to just use video or a gif.

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      Thank you! It's a demo script made for the landing page

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