March 6, 2019

Product Management Platform - Looking for Feedback


Hey everyone,

We recently launched ProductHQ and would love your feedback on what you think about the features we offer, the overall user experience and if you felt the product would help you build a better product.

Please check out our marketing site and if you have the time, sign up for our free trial to see how the platform works in action:

Thanks again for the help and feedback!

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    Hi Sammy, thanks for taking a look! Glad to hear the initial impression of the marketing site went well. Good point on holistic, we can look at some alternatives for that. Would love to hear your thoughts on the product itself if you get a chance. We just recently launched in February so really anxious to get feedback!

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    The site looks great, but i had to google the word "holistic" to remind myself what it meant! I wonder if that is a barrier to entry for others too?