May 14, 2019

Product Marketing

Iftekher Islam Sunny @IftekherSunny

Hi I'm a full stack developer. Beside my full time job, I recently launched my first product.

I was excited, people will use my app and they will love it. But reality is, I only get 8 users who tried my app.

I don't know how marketing is work. How to reach to people. to my audience.

As a first app developer, what thing should I do now?? Any suggestion for me?

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    Tell us more about your app. What it does. What it is called. Who it is for.

    What have you done to market it?

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      A URL shortener with retargeting pixels and UTM builder. It'll help you to retarget your visitor if your content hosted on the 3rd party website.

      I'll share an example -

      Suppose, you're selling products on Amazon. And you're sharing the product link in facebook, twitter, Instagram etc and want to retarget the person who clicked on your Amazon product link so that you can provide them with relative product ads in future. By this, you can promote your products and increase the sale.

      Now, to retarget them on facebook/twitter you need to put facebook/twitter retargeting pixels code (like a cookie) on the Amazon link that you provided on social media. But You can't do that as Amazon isn't your website they won't allow you to put your own pixel code. So my product will do the job for you. You have to give your Amazon product link with your pixels code, my product will give you a short link. All you need to do is share the short link in your social media accounts.

      Once anyone clicks on the link, they'll be redirected to your product page on Amazon and they will retarget on your ad platforms.

      Now you can add those visitors on you ad platforms as your custom audience and Show them related products ads to increase your sale.

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        Ok, not a remarketing specialist here, but the product seems to have some value. It seems like you have a good idea of at least one segment of people who could be interested in it.

        What you want to figure out is: where do people who sell stuff on Amazon hang out, how can I reach out to them, and what can I offer them as a way to get them to try/pay for your product.

        There's probably a bunch of relevant subreddits that you could look at. A simple tutorial where you (or better, someone who already does remarketing but using tools that are inferior to yours) show how your product works, with screenshots, and what kind of results you can expect, would be a good way to advertise it.

        You have to do more research about the proper etiquette to adopt for each community if you want to broadcast to them, but you can also reach out to individual contributors more directly to get feedback/get them to try the product.

        A word of advice: don't describe your product as a "URL shortener yadda yadda." That part is the technological solution to the problem. Talk about the problem instead. "The simplest way to retarget visitors of your Amazon product pages"

        I have no idea what the exact terms people use for that, but here's a simple trick: ask them how they would describe your product. Use their answer to describe yourself.