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Hey potential co-founder!!

Nice to meet you... My name is Louis, but call me Lou.

I've been around IndieHackers for a while now, some of you may even remember me?

I'm the owner of Spread, who up until recently had a tech co-founder. Sadly, he had to leave as he couldn't hack the startup life with his new 'chief' promotion at his 9-5... :(

That's why I'm here, on the search for a new tech co-founder who can propel us forward into the next chapter (product market fit and some juicy MRR).

I'm a second time founder who is the marketing/business guru. I'm on here trying to find my better half... a techie co-founder <3

Introduction to Spread

Spread has been through a lot of iterations in the past two years. It all started with this indiehackers post all the way back in Jan 2020!

Originally Spread was a tool that helped content creators transform youtube videos into blog posts, and blog posts into twitter threads. Sadly the product didn't work great. We then went into the transcription market where we saw loads of usage but only a few hundred $'s of revenue.

Since then we have upped our transcription capabilities and re-intergrated our content repurposing features back in (and they already work twice as good!)

We brand ourselves as "A transcription platform that uses transcripts and AI to transform video/audio content into content such as; blog posts, short video clips, and much more soon!"

If this sounds like a project you want to work on then please keep reading...

What I'm offering

As a co-founder of mine we split everything 51/49. The profit, costs, equity, and everything else is split fairly.

The extra 1% for me is due to me having the original idea and bringing it this far along.

I'm offering the Indie dream. A small but extremely profitable startup, with a close knit team of wonderful people that enjoy their everyday working life. This is my mission. This will be our (and our teams) future.

Please understand I will not settle for anyone. Read on if you know you have what it takes.

Introduction to you

The product is working, but it is very clunky and hard to use. This is where you come in. I need a tech guru who can take this mediocre SaaS platform, and together make it into something special.

There is a big demand for this type of product as a hundred competitors have popped up since I originally posted here on IndieHackers. Luckily I understand this industry better than most and I know we can make the best product out there. Not only are there plenty of competitors, but there have been thousands of sign ups and waitlisted users. The demand for Spread is actually a little pressuring!

What I'm actually looking for form you:

  • Indie/startup background
  • Full stack
  • Hands-on developer (temporary)
  • Manage freelancers alongside me
  • Take on 49% of the costs as you own 49% (couple $$$/month)
  • Dedicate a lot of week nights to Spread
  • Someone I could actually call a friend
  • Loves IndieHacking/small team startups
  • Manageral expereince not required but would be cool

If you dare to accept this challenge then please get in touch with me, either in the comments or through my profile links.

Have a wonderful day.

Peace out


  1. 2

    I'd be interested to have a chat about what you've seen so far, where do you think it's going and if there is a potential fit for me to help out. Have a partial exposure to the industry

    1. 1

      Hey! Yeah, I'm happy to answer any questions you have :)

      Feel free to email me specific questions via my email that can be found on my IndieHacker profile!

      (As long as you mildy fit the 'requirements' in the above post then please do reach out to me!)

  2. 2

    Hey Lou, just wanted to wish you good luck with this! Hopefully you'll find someone to help you out soon

    1. 2

      Hey Ruud!

      Thank you so much my friend!

      How is your product going for you right now? :)

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