Productivize - Issue #13

Hey there 👋 Happy Tuesday! Each week Productivize is something I look forward to as it gives me an opportunity to sharpen my product mind and provide value to you all at the same time. Thank you for reading and learning with me 🙏

Before we dive in, I have a couple of personal updates I wanted to share with you all today:

  • Really pumped to share the news I'm holding for over a month. I'm joining Draftbit as a Product Evangelist. I'm excited about this opportunity which allows me to stay closer to the startup/product/no-code ecosystem. Here's the announcement I made on Twitter

  • In my 10yrs of relationship and 2yrs of married life, my wife and I were always long-distance but I finally moved in with my wife in Minneapolis(literally yesterday and hence the delay of this edition). That means I said my goodbyes to Chicago, the city which has a special place in my heart. Anyways I'm excited about the new beginning. On to creating more memories here.

  • An update on Shoutout: Last week I gave access to the V1 to a few close friends. I got some great responses and feedback. I'll be incorporating that and will roll-out invites soon. So check your inboxes this week :)

These are the updates I wanted to share and now let's get started with this issue 👇

How to Build a Best-in-Class Onboarding Experience

Hiten Shah walks you through multiple onboarding processes in different categories of products so you can see how some of the world's best products handle onboarding so their users can stick with using their products. I'm learning to create onboarding for Shoutout and found this interesting piece. Read it here.

Why PMs Need Qualitative Research

Jens-Fabian Goetzmann talks about 6 important reasons for conducting qualitative user research in addition to A/B testing and why sometimes A/B testing alone won't get you what you need. Read it here.

The Science of How Customers Buy Anything

Ash Maurya walks you through a lean validation journey that leverages creating an offer to pull early adopters towards your solution before it's built. I particularly love this article because of the elaborated illustrations that will help you better understand the concept. Read it here.


Suzie Prince

With over ten years of experience as a business analyst and product manager designing and delivering software that is valuable, usable, feasible, and desirable, Suzie Prince is the Head of Product at Bitbucket and ex-head at Thoughtworks. She often tweets about customer research, product processes. Give her a follow @pm_suzie

Chris Massey

Chris is an editor, community leader and Product Manager at Mind the Product who comes from a background in technical editing, community building and product marketing. He often tweets about all things product management, marketing, research and discovery. Give him a follow @camassey

Mina Radhakrishnan

Mina is a product-minded entrepreneur and co-founder of :Different. She was previously an EIR at Redpoint Ventures, a product adviser to Cowboy Ventures and worked at Uber as their first PM and employee #20. Her experience at Goldman Sachs, Google and ModCloth speak volumes. She advises, mentors and works with startups on product questions. Give her a follow @minarad



Turn your Airtable into a website in minutes without code.


Capture screenshots, gifs, replays you can share instantly and find later.


A personal AI friend that's always there for you.


A book you should read: Escaping the Build Trap - How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value

In this book, Melissa Perri explains how laying the foundation for great product management can help companies solve real customer problems while achieving business goals. By understanding how to communicate and collaborate within a company structure, you can create a product culture that benefits both the business and the customer. Get it here.

That's all for today. I'll be back with new learnings and findings next week. My goal is to give you the best experience and value through Productivize and I hope you enjoyed reading this issue.

Lastly, I'm gathering feedback on how can I make Productivize better for you. I would love to know what you think. Tap on the below button and let me know. Thanks for reading!

Until next week,

  1. 1

    Whoa! I'm sorry, I can't get past the apparent throwaway line of a 12 year long distance relationship. I have so many questions!

    How did you make it work? How often did you see each other? What was the reason it stayed long distance for so long?

    I realize it's not IH content, but I'm insanely curious! :)

    To proactively be reciprocal, I met my girlfriend a year and a half before I quit my job to move onto a sailboat. She lived in NYC and I lived in Dallas. I sailed around FL, GA, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and the Dominican Republic for a year and then spent the last 2.5 years bouncing around this rock visiting random countries and friends on a whim. So it's been a 5 year long distance relationship, with the main driver being that I had already planned on taking an extended sabbatical to travel.

    It's just a rare thing to do for so long, I'm genuinely curious what your story is!

  2. 1

    Congrats on the new role!!!

    ReplikaAI looks very interesting. Mixed feelings as a need for something like this means folks have to rely less on others for emotional support. That said though helping people work through their emotions and feelings especially in during our current times is so needed when were all very isolated.

    Keep it coming!

    1. 1

      Thanks, Justin for the wishes! Can't wait to get started at Drafbit. Looking forward to learning and serve the community!

  3. 1

    Great news - congrats on the new role at Draftbit. Awesome to see Gyazo featured, it's one of my fav new finds latey!

    1. 1

      Thanks KP. I'm pumped to get started at the new role. Grateful for the opportunity.

      I agree Gyazo is an amazing tool to capture screenshots.

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