No-Code July 13, 2020

Profitable no code projects?

Chris ✌️ @Chris24

Anyone working on a profitable no code project or know of a round up?

I'm really interested in projects that create value by connecting two or more services together as their core product. I know there are projects/ startups that use the Bubble visual programming language to create value.

Also: interested in situations where no code isn't used as a proof of concept or to validate an idea but is instead the final product.

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    Oh! Found something on Twitter but lost the tweet. I will comment again once I found it. This is interesting.

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      Hey Pauline, would love to see if you find the tweet you were thinking of.

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    It's a question that I don't fully grasp. Code and no code are two means to an end. The vast majority of stuff that you do coding you can do it also with no code tools. It's like asking if there designer who make money without the Adobe Cloud.

    I have started in november a Webflow based agency that made 600k+ in revenue (

    June 8, I started selling Webflow only templates and made close to 7k in these five weeks (

    There are also examples of profitable side-projects that respect your exact definition like Outseta. Others have tens of millions in founding like Lambda School.

    So yes you can do it and for some aspects,
    like speed, no code is even better.

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      I wonder how did you manage to sell 1k+ templates in 5 weeks, is it all through your agency.

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        Maybe the problem it's in your math..I had 92 sales. I also wrote how I did in the first post for my product yesterday but it still wasn't approved.

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          mind sharing the link, you can post it on medium

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            What link do you mean?

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              post link

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          Time to have a break. Let's see if it'll be up when I'm back.

          Gratz btw.

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      Hey, congrats on your Weblfow agency!

      Lamdba School used no-code tools for onboarding new users. I'm interested in ways no-code was used to build the core product. Going to look into Outseta. Cheers