Project one failed, now I'm hunting for leads...

So I started a little dev shop to handle my general freelance work, and I've scaled it up to a couple developers under my lead. I had built a error logging and monitoring app but even after some ad campaigns and sponsorships of conferences I ended up with ZERO subscribers. It's a Red Ocean - so I know the competition is heavy.

I'm actively reaching out and looking for new project leads to keep my guys on payroll but it's tough to get traction in the dev shop world. Any suggestions on collecting leads for development projects?

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    UpWork has a large amount of dev work posted every day. There is also a lot of competition; the hardest part is establishing yourself there. I'm a top-rated developer on there and I receive multiple job invitations daily which I have to decline. It took me many months to get that rating, though.

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    Visit, sponsor, and/or offer to speak at local technical events such as Conferences, Meetups, and development groups. Especially those for startups such as 1 million cups. Get to know people while explaining what you do in terms of solving a problem. The book by Matthew Pollard on Introvert Sales helped me.

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      Thanks for the suggestion - I definitely get the book and get out to more events

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    Consider using LinkedIn to reach out to business owners. Email/PM me for my process.

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    You need to try different traction channels. I don’t know what you do but there might be more traction for you in offline channels like going to conferences or joining some meetups than there is online.

    For the agency I work for everything is about connections. This works way better than everything online, but you definitely need to test different stuff :)

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