Ideas and Validation February 16, 2020


Charlie Fox @CharlieFox

Hello, Indiehackers!

When I joined Indiehackers I was amazed by the number of great tech products being built, what amazed me even more so was the number of tech founders who would create great products but had no concept of ''going out and selling the damn thing''

Which leads me to my idea: Prospecting-as-a-Service.

I want to enable founders by building out a go-to-market strategy tailored to their product/business including prospects (talking points, personality types, etc..), scripts (calling, emails, and social), and outreach cadences.

I wanted to get your feedback, your thoughts, your fears?

I know some of you are already thinking:

  1. Who the hell is this guy?
  2. What gives him the right to offer a service like this?

Well, I've been in B2B technology sales for almost a decade. I've generated over $247M in pipeline revenue for the likes of Microsoft and Google. Recently, I've been involved with AWS and their start-up hub in London assisting Founders go-to-market faster for less.

Feel free to email me - Charlie[at]

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    just a friendly heads up, strategy spelt "stratergy" on the home page. Looks awesome, all the best.

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      One set of eyes is never enough. Thank you for the find!

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    Hi Charile!

    I am looking forward to hearing about your service.

    Could you email me [email protected]


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      Hey Menan - sent you over an email.

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    To add - I’d be open to the idea of giving 2 founders a taster of what I mean by prospecting as a service, completely free of charge.

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      Hi Charlie,

      We offer a SaaS Tool for Twitter. Helps people save time and increase engagement. We'll soon add a feature that will enable creators to make a lot more money with Twitter. You can reach me on [email protected]

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        Hey Yannick, I appreciate you reaching out. I've sent you over an email. Thanks

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          Thanks! Just replied back :) Looking forward to our call!

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      Hi Charlie, I'm building a privacy-focused survey platform(BlockSurvey). Launching it in the coming month. I'm interested in this.

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        Hey Wilson - let’s talk. What’s the best way to get in touch with you?


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          Charlie, this is my email id [email protected].