April 14, 2019

Protecting codebase from freelancers


I've been hiring outsourced freelancers through Upwork, and unfortunately they are not always great. The problem is, even once I fire them, they have my codebase on their local computer.

Is there a way to only share a part of my codebase through Gitlab?

Is it a good idea to make small changes to my code and DB so that even if someone has the old codebase on their computer, they won't be able to hit the DB because I made small changes to it?

Any other suggestions?

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    If you have modular structure in your code, it may be possible to only give them code of module they user ..
    I had HMVC structure on my current website structure and Angular 6 component based architecture on app, that allows me to only share part of the code with developers as I have tried 30+ developers on upwork

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    Your code is probably not as valuable as you think. The only issue is if you’re storing production secrets in your version control, otherwise the chances that someone will steal your code and get value from it are basically zero

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    Hmmm..Seems impossible..You better hire locally who can come to your home or office..even thanthere is still a chance that your source code get stolen

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