Looking to Partner Up September 22, 2020

Proven concept: An app to help first responders! We are seeking developers and/or a technical co-founder to help us grow!

Alex Roa (AirHorn) @AirHorn

Interested in helping first responders do their job better? Looking to jump into something new and exciting? Have some technical skills that could be put to use...? We might have a project for you! We're a small team (in part, thanks to the connections we made here on IndieHackers!), but we're looking to grow.

Our founder is a firefighter in California, and came to the realization that there's a gap in how first responders communicate. After validating the idea with colleagues, leadership, and innovators in the emergency response space, he started to build a team to bring his vision to life.

For the past couple of months, our team has been working hard to develop an app designed to help first responders communicate better. We've woven a social media platform in with mapping and other tools that first responders use both day-to-day and on large incidents.

We now have an alpha version that is in limited testing with first responders. We've shared it with first responders in the field, and have received very positive feedback. We need to build out a few more features and continue to squash bugs before a wide release later this summer.

Check out our progress so far: www.getairhorn.com

Sound interesting? Reach out, let's chat!

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    Hi Alex!
    I'm a developer with 10 year developing experience, including 2 in Android/iOS app development, living in Barcelona. I don't currently have any side project completed because I've been always having ideas that require more people than just me.
    Today I came across indiehackers and saw your idea. If judging by the looks of it, AirHorn is a native application, I think I can help you (specially with iOS).
    I have a full time job but I'm eager to have a good side project to commit to!


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      Hi Ignasi!
      Awesome! Want to shoot me an email and we can find a time to chat? roa@getairhorn.com (and/or send me yours and I'll reach out).

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    Hi Alex Roa,

    I am a front end developer & designer. I also have experience with React. I am really interested to work on your projects. I have 1 years of front end experience. Please checkout some of my projects below:


    Here is my email: dev.polashahmad@gmail.com

    Thank You,
    Polash Ahmad

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