Put a feedback button in the middle of your home screen

Hi guys,

I'm a long-time lurker and a first-time poster.

I'm Josh, and I'm the creator of Olog (https://olog.com.au), a free shift tracker and overtime log for doctors in Australia. I'm currently at $0ARR, but have just launched payments so hopefully that will change soon.

I wanted to share one positive experience I had with building a feedback loop into my product.

I think everyone should put a feedback button on their homescreen, directly in front of the user on every session.

Often I see the "feedback" buttons hidden away in a submenu of the settings somewhere. But given that it's such an important part of our development cycle, every user should know exactly where to get help when they need it.

As a result, I've got 6 new user relationships that were initiated by the user themselves, and they've given me some amazing feedback. In most cases, they will hit some point of frustration, but then know exactly where to go to get help. I can often fix their issue within an hour or so, because the feedback form goes straight to my email inbox.

Here's a screenshot link from Olog to show you what I mean - https://imgur.com/a/fdFavHv

Here are some of the feedback gems I've gotten if I hadn't done this:

"hi Josh! great app, and oh so helpful when you loose that single sheet of overtime paper! i have told other RMOs about it! i just had a few suggestions. it would be great to have a spot to put your pay level and unit name / location that way one doesn't have to print and manually put it in every time (and also means you can just forward it to the administrators). "

"Hey Josh, just wondering if there is a way to access the claims already made. I chose fax on one and it never showed up 😔, Cheers Matt"

"hey Josh, Anna here :) is it possible to have saved shift times options as a drop down or something when entering times (I'm on ENT atm and there's no variation in roster )"

TL;DR - Give your "Feedback" button a key piece of real-estate in your app if you want people to use it!


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    Somehow, I missed adding a feedback button at all! Created a workitem to get that done next. Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. 2

      It's definitely worth doing! If I think about how much time I would have had to have spent on user interviews to get the equivalent information, it easily pays for itself. Plus, if you can act on your user's feedback quickly, they love you for it.

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    Curious, how do you think this performs compared to just including a chat app on the side? We use Crisp to offer support chat to users, and have gotten a couple of feature requests through there.

    1. 1

      It’s a bit hard for me to say. I’m on mobile, so I suppose chat apps are a little bit less practical. I suspect on web, both will have merits. So perhaps shoot for whichever is simpler to implement first.

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    Brilliant suggestion ! Thanks for sharing this tip !

    1. 1

      No worries! My pleasure.

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