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Put your Twitter account on Automation for Free, Use Notion to develop your app.

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Product Development

How do you guys build Admin Panel? by @Luceos

  • CS Allen uses Retool for Indie Hackers
  • Luceos build his app on the laravel framework and rely on the nova package. It easily maps database models to generate full-fledged administration pages.

Growth & Sales

Reddit growth strategies? by @osakasaul
What no one told me, had me languishing and getting nowhere in Reddit. You need over 150 Karma. You won't get that be self-promoting, but by finding "hot and controversial," and writing something caustic or snarky in a comment on about 10 posts. Wait a few hours. Try again. Within a couple of days, you'll have it.
I will start applying it tomorrow.


How we're using Notion to develop our app by @joshwayne
I think the image speaks louder than me for this content.

Where do you go to read dev news?
I use extension by that collects tech news from popular tech-related sites and feeds them onto your browser tab. Also check this source by @dailydevtips


IHers, do you have a morning checklist? by @junji
I like this routine.

  1. block access to distracting websites using Freedom (this is actually automated so I don't have to do it manually)
  2. review my mission (a set of near- and long-term life goals and affirmations)
  3. 10- to 15-minute home workout (I've got some basic equipment in my apartment)
  4. drink a 400-calorie soylent (all other daily meals will be solid food; soylent is just useful in the morning for consistency's sake)
  5. 10- to 15-minute meditation using apps like Medito or Insights timer
  6. go for a brief "reading walk" outside (I'll either listen to a professionally relevant audiobook or I'll use Android's text-to-speech functionality to listen to useful blog posts, articles, newsletters)
  7. back home: work time


19 psychological tips to hack your productivity by @Beakmoss

What tools do indie hackers use for task management? by @yassineze
Some people use a mixture of (free up to 10 users) and Trello. Whereas some stick to Notion (personal plan is free now), or Airtable whereas others use simple apps like Todoist.

Anyone knows of any way to automate tasks on a website? Kinda like macros? by @Soft_Re
If its something you simply want to help yourself out of - that is, press 1 button instead of N to do the actions on your behalf then these are most commonly done with userscripts. Please see:
If its something you'd like to automate completely on some timed basis, or another IFTT action, you'd need to make an extension on using a browser automation stack - there are many such as Selenium, and Ghost and even extension based automation.

How do you develop a business while working full time? by @SMK
Having a result-oriented flexible employer is a very big advantage. If you don't have this advantage, some things are still in your control such as decreasing sleep, social activity, self-care (working out, friends etc) can definitely give an opportunity to kickstart your side business.

Worth Reading

1. Awesome new Stripe functionality by @Primer

2. How Twinings ran A/B testings in 1706 and pivoted from coffee to tea by @leo

3. How to Put Any Twitter Account on Automation For Completely Free! by @tejas3732

4. What's your blogging solution? by @porushpuri1

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