Ideas and Validation January 25, 2020

PWOP, Post Workout Pics. Instagram for fitness only

Michael Bruny-Groth @mbrunygroth

This was an idea I had for a weekend challenge. I would design it and my friend @stephenjensen would code it.

Basically, it's instagram, but you can only post photos of you after you've completed a workout. It would be for fitness freaks who want to show off their bods, or their progress.

Perhaps there would be a built-in tracker to keep people motivated as well and when you post a PWOP it would say how many days you've worked out in a row or some other stat.

What say ye?!

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    That's a great idea! The biggest motivation for me is failing on a promise for sure, so having some sort of stat to keep me accountable or make it cooperative would really help. I do something similar already with my dad and I on apple watch and before that fitbit, so it is definitely a good bonding experience.

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    Is this a problem for anyone?

    Would this create something new as a result? besides an adult site to watch man...

    Like you could create a niche tracker for fineness guys, but ... I don't know, I just don't see it as something that's 10x better.

    People who posts their pic like that normally like attention, not just from peer workout guys, any attention, so it's better for them to use the bigger platforms rather than a niche one IMHO...

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      Valuable questions to ask. First, there was Facebook. It allowed you to post statuses and pictures. Then Twitter came along and said, "Just statuses." I'm sure people thought, well we've already got FB for that… Then Instagram came along and said, "Just photos." I'm sure people thought, well we've already got FB for that…

      Fitness people are pretty fanatical. I am one and I have to text my PWOPs to my friends and family who are interested. If I posted them to a general social channel, I may risk looking vain. If there was a platform for social sharing of fitness progress, no one would have to worry about the stigma of showing off their abs.

      Seems like a decent pain point to target to me :)

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        That last part is half decent.

        Will it be non public posting than? Like only your group?..

        (I think your oversimplifing the FB/Twitter/Instagram.. the reasons are more social like your last point)

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          I think you'd want to have the option. Maybe you're building a fitness community around your program or something. Then you would want public. But if you started up a challenge with your friends, you may want a private group.

          I'm sure I oversimplified those social channels haha, but I think there is something to be said for niching out the major groups on Instagram. Fashion, Fitness, Pets, etc.

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            It's possible if the something extra is valuable enough in their eyes