Python vs Java: Top Features, Comparison, and Applications in 2021


Python and Java are the two most debated topics for developers. Both these languages are famous and have various features and performances. But which one to choose? Which is best for your next project?

Choosing between the top programming languages ​​is often misleading. Both the languages - Python and Java are battling for the top spot in the most popular programming languages. Python has made fantastic progress over the years, and Java continues to hold on to its position.

Did you know!

As per the developer stat, Java is used by 3.4% of all the websites, whereas Python comprises *1.4% of websites. It often seems that both these languages ​​are perfect and are capable of performing most of the tasks.

However, there are important differences among these programming languages that can help you make your decision. I'll start by explaining each language and essential features, then their application to provide more clarity on your choices.

So, let’s start.

Python vs Java: Google Trends Comparison

Google Trends Comparison

Yes! The Google Trend report says that Python is searched more than Java. But you can choose the programming language according to your requirement and the scope of the project.

Java vs Python: Know the Key Differences

Considering that these two programming languages are the market leaders, some technical comparisons throw a better light on how they differ from each other. Below are the parameters to compare between Java and Python.


Key Differences:python vs java

Both languages ​​have always struggled for popularity. However, since the advent of JavaScript, they have been in a close tussle for the top spot.

In Stackoveer's 2018 survey of developers, Python was crowned as the fastest-growing programming language after surpassing C ++. Java is reflected by many developers as a popular option, even though the two languages' differences ​​had narrowed considerably. Hire java developers at affordable rates from India for your website’s backend development.


Languages ​​do not have speed; they only have semantics. If you want to compare speed, you have to select specific implementations to compare.

Please note that performance is not just the function of the language's execution speed. The program's implementation and third-party libraries' performance are usually the number one factor in the equation.


Python is a highly dynamic language. While typing, the developer does not have to input the variable. These are inputs during runtime. This makes Python an easy language, almost similar to English.

Another element of the ease with language is that it does not follow indentation rules or enclosing braces.

Java is exactly the opposite in this regard. It has stringent syntax rules, where you need to type in all variables, and should there be an error or anomaly in the code, the program will not run.

For example, in Java, to define a block or method with multiple lines, you must place the lines inside a curly bracket. Whereas Python also allows indentation to write blocks along various lines.

Game Development

Both Python and Java are not as good as C #/C ++ when it comes to game development, but they are reliable, though. Game advancement requires the best performance, and either Java or Python can't comply with that.

JMonkeyEngine is an option built on Java and is appropriate for game development. If you need to build up a game with minimal graphics and a simple setup, you can go with JMonkeyEngine.

In the event that you need to do some experimentation with computer graphics and develop the game from scratch, you can go with Java based OpenGL.

On the other hand, Python is not so useful for running games on it. However, there are various frameworks like Panda 3D, Cocos, Pygame, etc., which only run on Python.

Web Development

Both languages ​​are utilized in backend web development. Backend web development is the part of web development that manages to make software running on the server.

Writing your backend technology from scratch isn't just troublesome; however, it is challenging to cover all design requirements, from security to reliability and effectiveness.

That's why developers have created a framework that is an abstraction in software that allows you to build your backend technology without reinventing the wheel. The two most popular frameworks for Python are Django and Flask, which helps you create reliable and secure websites. You can consult a web development company in India to build secure websites for your businesses.

Python is best suited for the following kinds of programs:

  1. Games
  2. Image processing and graphic designing
  3. Language development
  4. Machine Learning Apps
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Prototyping

On the other hand, there are many Java User Groups (JUGs) around the world and various high-profile events such as JavaOne are organized by Java programmers.

Java is best recommended for these programs:

  1. Middleware Products
  2. Mobile Applications
  3. Enterprise Solutions and Embedded Systems
  4. Desktop GUI Apps

Which is Best Among Python and Java?

Now, when we put it this way, it is impossible to define which of them is the best. Both these languages ​​have large communities and great support.

The bugs have been fixed almost immediately, and languages ​​are also being updated from time to time. Java is already proving to be one of the world's best languages ​​, and Python is growing with each passing day.

When it comes to performance, Java defeats Python, but if you are looking at compiling code for large projects with thousands of lines of code, you need to go with Python itself.

Python language has a simpler syntax, and it is better to read and format as well. Predicting any language's future is not simple or straightforward, but both are doing perfectly right now.

Bottom Lines

Here I have discussed Java vs. Python in 2021. There are many different pros and cons for both languages. And you have to choose the one that goes as per your requirement. If you have large projects running and want a concise programming language, Python can be the best bet.

After considering all things, you can also opt to hire Python developers in India, as they will help you by completing projects on time and other things in detail.

If you have any queries, then do let me know in the comment section. Good Luck!

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