Ideas and Validation February 17, 2021

Q2. What beliefs do you hold concerning ideas?

€mmanuel A. Simon @Uelsimon

This can possibly be one of the more introspective questions I will ask, but I expect to find a large variation in the responses shared. What kind of trends will emerge…are we all in an echo chamber of our own beliefs, or are we beautifully diverse and brought together with a shared ideal…

So the question for the next few days is as follows.

“What do you believe about your ideas (specifically or in general)?”

(e.g. where do they come from, why you have them, what is their purpose, how do they work, how do you kill or sustain it… where do they thrive…do they only exist in one location at a time…you tell me.)

For extra credit, if you can also include where/when/why you developed that belief… would be very insightful.

In case you missed it:
Q1. How do you capture your ideas?

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    Hi Emmanuel (3/.)

    Let's define goodness as being in harmony with the universal impulses, i. e. to knowing they can happen constantly, to know you better often pause for looking back on what happened, to ask about your next step, to rethink your habitual patterns in purpose of becoming more understanding, accepting and probably genuinly loving.

    Such a person feels right and receives all impulses and information which align with the universe and gives them the feeling and certainty that there is no better path in life for them.

    So much for my brand new theory...

    When I initially was seeking for an explaination of what is still not a precise premise of mine, I came up with some sentences aiming at nailing an answer. Whilst thinking I interrupted several times as I recognized that I could not remember your question. It was not there, neither exactly, nor conceptionally and rephrased.

    An impuls encouraged me to use a memorization technique... So i built up the following scene: An easychair coverd by white blanket with some random person sitting in. A line to the right. Stairs leading to a platform. Being a roulette wheel. Each slot inhabited by an elctric bulb feed by the energy of a gym-like cyclist. (How does the goodness of a human align whith better opportunities for generation of ideas?)

    Consequently, I felt reassured to become a kind of memory and attention and self improvement teachter. But new was the thought, that scenes like this would make up for a comical novel. Not that I would be thinking of writing one, now. But it looks like an option, far, but... I don't think, it aligns perfectly with the path I should take, but I am sure, it will be of fundamental help as my success in retrieving the scene makes me enthusiastic to further my capabilities in that field. Wihch enforces the idea mentioned initially in the paragraph...

    Thank you for asking.

    I think you encourage some seeds inside to grow, and some up to show.

    See you!


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      "I think you encourage some seeds inside to grow, and some up to show."

      • And I think you've scratched a bit of the surface of what the IdeaGarden may be about.

      While I won't pretend to understand everything you've said (I know it was not really for me), but I have witnessed a peek into the internal conversation you've been having as you considered the prompts placed before you. Thank you for that.
      I hope you'll continue to reply as I have 40 questions to get through.

      I'm also arranging for zoom interviews where participants can just sit back and answer rather than writing over week. I need to setup a calendy or something to get that underway soon. (in case you're interested).

      in the mean time, would love for you to answer [Q1. How do you capture your ideas?] ( if you get a chance. it's a bit more tactical, so shouldn't require you shifting dimensional planes....too much.

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    Hi Emmanuel (2/.)

    In the morning I read your reply, but I cannot remember what I decided to pick for a starting point for further thinking. Minutes ago I have been focused back on the matter and knew from yesterday already that I should elaborate on the notion of an idea. This is what comes out:

    Sometimes you are given Impulses. They call for an action and most often you feel even the urge to act. You write a mail, go where you have never been, or approach who a random stranger in the street.

    Following these Impulses is highly desirable as they roll further out your life towards a desired outcome, but it is not said that individual and universal desire align. So, you are probably sometimes not sure what 'is in for me' even after the action. (But you begin to learn that revelation is slow.)

    Sometimes you (are impulsed to) immerse yourself in information. Combined pieces of information will sometimes generate an idea as in 'new perception of a possilbe solution.' (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

    Even if this solution aligns with the intended directions of the universe, you probably won't be able to set it into reality right away. If you are still or have become more worthy, the universe will bring up the thought again and new cirumstances to keep you engaged.

    The collection of those information based ideas surely is worhwile as having the more of them, gives you a more intense impression of value and safety not only in an economical sense... Collection should be rested on often acting out given Impulses.

    If you prove to be a good fellow human, something better will happen to you. Could be it relates to one of those 'possible solution' and you will be deputy director of a plan that helps the universe to make things better.

    Roughly said. I think it is controversial as one might think every executer is a director, too...



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      Thanks again Christian, Lots of good things in here. I also believe that combined pieces of info generate ides as the brain mixes and matches between them looking for a reasonable pattern. It's one of the guiding principles for IdeaGarden.

      but I want to drill into your premise that the goodness of a human aligns to better opportunities for idea generation. where have you noticed this to be true?

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    Hi Emmanuel

    You bring up quite a substantial question, which propelled me to do some research. Finally, I have used your impulses to transfer me into feeling being skilled enough to nail at least one question of your post with one sentence, thank you so far!

    Nurturing your creativity encourages flashes of insight -- ideas will flock in.

    It has a certain tone of wisdom,... at least, it sounds good to me.

    Maybe I will elaborate on it, but right now, my new tradition prefers to let the insight be settled. (And the brain do some work without the consciousness involved.)

    Thank you again. Great question!


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      Glad to have possibly lit the kindle on that one. Once settled, please share some more about your new awareness on the topic.

      but from what you said above... I've inferred the following

      1. 'ideas will come if you create the right environment (intentional nurturing of creativity.)' what does that look like for you? [paragraph 2]
      2. 'Give myself a chance to settle with an idea before overbearing it with left brain ambition (which speaks to quieting the left side of the brain so that the quiet voice of the right side can be discerned)'. Do you have any particular rituals you use to encourage that shift? (for me its things like washing the dishes, jumping in the pool, etc) [paragraph 4]
      3. Initial ideas must be supplemented with some research to help clarify/define it and confirm my confidence into acting upon it.[paragraph 1]

      Now I'm purposefully misrepresenting some of what you said so as not to lead you...but just open the conversation a bit.

      looking forward for your post-settle elaboration.

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    Ideas are dime (probably less) a dozen. In other words, ideas are cheap and everyone has a bunch of them. I've probably forgotten more ideas about potential businesses than I care to count.

    The ideas that keep bugging you are the ones that are worth pursuing.

    I abhor echo chambers. It doesn't do anyone involved, especially me any good. My mind works best when I'm being challenged on my belief systems. I think most of my personal growth has come from those experiences.

    I think there are a couple of types of ideas, personal and global. I.e. things that benefit you and things that benefit the world. Global ideas need to be open and free. By which I mean, if one has an idea to benefit the whole world, it needs to be shared and it cannot be profited from (not to say that this won't happen anyway).

    Anyway, if I keep talking about my idea on ideas, I won't get any work done.

    I see that you are new to IH. Welcome!

    ALl the best!

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      Thanks for the welcome. Turns out I've been around for years..but never created. profile til now.

      Loved your responses, as I hear some of these often. let me dig in a bit with you.

      1. "ideas are dime..." [paragraph 1]. (I want to use the analogy of a tomato seed here). are you're saying that seeds (ideas) are cheap and plentiful, but the value only comes from the effort into growing them into a fruit bearing plant? that makes me thing that a good idea is one that returns multiples of fruit in exchange for all the nurturing required and time to grow it to that point. but in many cases the market only cares about the tomato in the store that they can use/eat. So if you are forgetting more potential business ideas than u care to count... is that due to poor memory or an evaluation that you are not willing to put in the effort to grow that particular seed (based on whatever criteria)? thoughts?

      2. you defined ideas in that first paragraph as 'potential businesses'. Is that it? ( a filmmaker, thinker, vegan..etc) [para 1]

      3. nagging ideas are worth pursuing [para 2]. Do you reflect that posture in your approach to what you do? (If I keep pushing and bugging, I will eventually get through?)

      4. [para 3] what echo chambers have you noticed, or try to avoid? (are these groups, contexts, certain types of your own thoughts, media you consume?)... got any examples?

      5. [para 3] where are your belief systems being challenged? under what conditions have you found that to occur? any particular rituals or repeated patterns you notice about this? what kind of growth did you experience?

      6. [para 4] how do you distinguish between a global and personal ideas? Are you suggesting a zero sum weighting between them. Why can't they be beneficial to both? (Can you do well while doing good?). How do you see open and free ideas being considered as valuable or sustainable if the execution (reference para 1) is where the value is?

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        1.) I like the seeds analogy. There are some good ideas that I forgot because I didn't take the time to write them down immediately. But, mostly, I discard ideas because I don't think personally it is worth my time. I'm sure you've had similar experiences, where you see something and then think to yourself, it would be great if someone did such and such to improve it, except that someone is not you. We only have so much time and resources to spend on any one thing so not all ideas that come to mind are worth pursuing for us personally.

        2.) No, I only meant ideas as potential businesses in the context of this community. Of course, it is quite possible to have ideas that have no business application at all. Creating art, which I do through my writing whether anyone reads it or not, or appreciates it or not, is an example of such ideas.

        3.) To the degree it [pursuing a nagging idea] makes sense and I think it will bring me either meaning or happiness or both. Or that it will do some good for the world.

        4.) Echo chambers are far too common, unfortunately. I notice it most strongly in the American environmental movement. They keep blaming problems on others without taking responsibility for their own behaviour. Sure, they'll switch to electric cars, and LED lightbulbs, but if you tell them that choosing wholly plant-based foods will have a better environmental impact ( than costly technological solutions, they refuse to act on it. They'd rather believe the disproven hypothesis that they can breed animals while mitigating climate change. Even if this were true, it comes at a social justic cost. (
        Another example is how the mainstream "grassroots" environmental movement treats the efforts of people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk in solving the climate problem. They believe that billionaires trying to do good things for the environment must have an ulterior motive. And no amount of evidence will sway them from that belief. I don't avoid these environmental echo chambers because that's where I'll have the most ROI. I avoid echo chambers where I won't learn anything new or have any meaningful impact.

        5.) That eating animal products is natural, normal and necessary is the biggest belief that I had to dismantle based on the evidence. This came about after I got a job, which gave me enough free time to research better, more efficient ways of reducing my environmental footprint. That lead me to discover that most of our environmental problems are just a sympton of how we breed and process non-human animals for use/comsumption by humans.

        6.) Personal goals/ideas are ones that bring meaning and happiness to me. Global ideas bring help improve the world. They are not always mutually exclusive but they are not mutually guranteed either. It's an illusion to think that every personal idea will have global consequences and vice versa. E.g. I could have an idea that brings world peace but if I suffer from loneliness (for whatever reason), world peace is not going to solve that.
        If by value you mean money, then that is not what I mean. Ideas, by which I mean a thought that didn't exist before, can be valuable inherently. E.g. ethnic and gender equality. These "ideas" are valuable in themselves and they are made sustainable because they add value (pick any definitation of value) to the system as a whole. Can you imagine how many geniuses who were/are not allowed to reach their potential because of ethnic and gender inequality? Imagine where the world would be if those lost potentials had been given the support and allowed to flourish.

        NEver thought IH discussion would get so philosophical. :)

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