Quick help with idea research (25seconds)

We all hate long surveys, so I decided to do a 25-seconds survey through IH, to drive a quick research for a side project. The questions are around professional and career networking.

Thanks for your help, this will help a lot 🤗🤗

1️⃣What do you value the most about networking? One option
A- Meeting people that share the same interests as you
B- Making friends or create deep relations
C- Finding people that can help you grow and improve

2️⃣ Why do you hate about nowadays digital networking? Multiple options
A- Sales messages across LinkedIn and others
B- Being an introvert and having a rough time introducing yourself
C- Ads & spammy groups (linkedin and Facebook groups as an example)
D- Lack of options to find specific like-minded people

3️⃣What do you think networking should help people achieve? Multiple options
A- Social: Just discussing topics and find relevant information
B- Educational: Help you improve and be better
C- Growth: New strategic contacts, new partners, new clients...

4️⃣Where do you feel more comfortable networking? One option
A- Generic social platforms (Linekdin, Instagram, Facebook...)
B- Specific networks (Slack profesional groups, indie hackers...)

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