Landing Page Feedback February 27, 2020

Quick tip for more landing page 'feedback'

Rob Calvert @rcalvert

Hey all,

Some of you may know this already, but if you're looking insight about what's going on when people look at your landing page, I'd recommend installing

It's session replay software, which means you can see a 'recording' of what the user was doing when they land on your page. It's got a decent free tier too.

Even though I only got 1 reply to my recent landing page feedback post, I could see that I had c. 25 visitors to the site, and through watching the records I could see - amongst other things - that barely anyone clicked through my slider for 'How it works', which I'm now going to change.

Hope that helps.

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    Cool trick - What are your thoughts on performance impact, and more importantly: privacy?

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      Really good questions.

      There is a performance impact, but for low-volume, early stage ideas I don't think that's going to hit conversion rate too hard (as the proposition/page won't be right, which we have a much bigger impact).

      Re privacy, that's one I feel funny about. This kind of software is incredibly widespread (HotJar, etc), but I think most people would be surprised to hear that it exists.

      Personal data is obfuscated by the software, so all you're really seeing is scroll movements, mouse movements and clicks (replayed on the page).

      Based on that, I'd say it's OK, but it still feels a little odd to me.

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    Do you know about Hotjar? I installed it on one of my website and it seems to do the same thing.
    I'll try FullStory one day then.

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      Yeh it pretty much does the same thing.

      Differences are:

      • HotJar has a wider feature set, beyond session replay
      • FullStory doesn't sample at high traffic volumes (i.e. shows all sessions, not a sample of them)
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    Hey, that's a really good point and great idea!