Quit my well-paying job at Uber for self-employment

Hey All,

In Aug 2020, I quit my job after working for Uber as a senior engineer for 5 years. I joined in its hyper-growth phase in 2015 and built really massive scale distributed systems there. It has been an amazing ride.

But back of my mind, I was still carrying a dream to build something of my own.
After a lot of thinking, I took the plunge. Part of my motivation came after reading stories of amazing folks in this community. So I would like to share my story as well -


What's next?

I have a runway for a year and a half. I plan to follow my passions (writing and gardening), build new stuff, and spent a lot of quality time with my first newborn son :)

I plan to share my progress on -

Feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate. I will be living in Pune, India. If you live or come there, we can meet over coffee :)

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    Good going!
    Your post on medium gives a deep viewpoint on matter of beginning on your own and not relying on employment.

  2. 1

    Welcome Nilesh. I am curious to see what you build.

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