"Quizanica" Is this a good name?

This will be a Quiz game based on topics from Encyclopedia, would love tyour feedback on the name

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    What do you think, can it pass the "radio test"?

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      Thanks for sharing this article! My last two domain names would not have passed lol.

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    The name is good. But as @jasoncrev said it will be hard to spell and most people will misspell it.

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    I like the name! Spelling could be tough for people who hear about it via word of mouth, and try to type it into their address bar or app store search.

    A catchy compound name like quizbeats or quizfeed is likely better.

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      Thanks Jason, do you think Quizania.co will be better then? Since the .com is gone

      The game will be based on Encyclopedia , so it's full name will be

      Encyclopedia Quizanica , like a play on Encyclopedia Britanica or maybe keep it simple with Quizania?

      Thanks again!

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        I can definitely appreciate some play on words! I think the simpler the better though.

        When I read Quizania, I immediately thought of QuizMania too.

        Hopefully others will chime in and give their perspective.

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          People will definitely remember names like quiz mania, quizfeed. Kudos to @jasoncrev. Also how about quizzed

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    It doesn't feel natural to say. When you smush two words together, I think they should sound like one word, but this still feels like two.

    ie. "Quizpedia" sounds like a single word, but I read yours as "Quiz anica"

    Another thing to consider- I'm not sure many people even know what Britannica is any more.

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