Ideas and Validation February 2, 2020

Rails App Generator

Ben @hapiben

If you’re a developer, would you use a site to generate a new Rails app? It’s like doing the rails new command but in the browser with additional features.

The idea is when you visit the site, you will fill out some kind of a wizard. For example, the site allows you to select Ruby version you want to use, Rails version, you can also tick the database you want to use, templating tool to use e.g Haml or ERB. Test framework, CSS framework etc. At the end of the form, you can download the generated app in zip.

There are some tools already out there like the built-in Rails Templates, but you have to write it on your own and at the same time, maintain it to keep up with the updates.

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    I love these things. Years and years ago, one existed from the tutorial guy but maybe it fell out of date?

    This execution in particular sounds like Divjoy (which is a similar IHer-run product but for React). Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of JS so would love an equivalent in Rails and/or Flask.

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      Thanks. I've never heard of Divjoy (Not a JS guy here) but yeah! Something like that for Rails. Thanks for that link.

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        Hey founder of here. For Rails there’s although not really customizable like you want.

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          I have looked into that, jumstartrails, kiso and rails kits. Looks like they’re all subscription based and users will be tied to them.

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    I'm not a Rails guy but I did buy the Divjoy product that @blakerson mentioned. I think these types of products are awesome for people just getting started. It's very appealing to be able to generate a starting point for your project.

    The funny thing is, I'm a pretty experienced programmer and I bought Divjoy because I was trying to learn React for the first time. Then it occurred to me that these kinds of tools can work for all sorts of different codebases and technology. I think there's room for quite a few more.

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    This sounds like it would be a nice cli tool.

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    There's already a website called Hix on Rails where you signup to get a license key and use that license key to build a Rails app using their private template file. No GUI though, you need to use the terminal.