Rails teams: Fund your side hustle?

Hi everyone -- first post, I hope this is appropriate.

I'm Chief Product Officer for a seed-funded startup (www.thecru.com) -- and I also have my own side hustle.

For this startup, I need 1-2 Rails developers (monolithic Rails -- Rails 5 or 6; Stimulus; etc) to help us build some exciting new products. I love working with people who are building their own products because it can mean you are used to going from concept to shipped, and supporting what you ship. We support your side hustle, hoping that it means you stay committed to us for awhile as well.

I'm open to 6-12 month engagement, since we have enough to build that it's at least 6 months, and likely more. It could mean starting full-time for awhile and backing down, if that's what you need and if we can work with it.

If you are a 1-2 person team (maybe even 3) and have 20-40 hours a week you can give, please hit me up!

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    Hi, are you still looking for some help? Or a new project to work on?

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      Hey there -- that particularly need was filled, apologies. I've left that company as well. Thank you, though!

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    Hi, I’m interested. I basically want to gain some commercial experience in building Rails App. I can give it around 20h per week.

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