Ran a successful twitter campaign to validate our product --> lead to updating our site / product roadmap insights

As a summary:
@bellinislushie is a free, open-source database of survey questions. The idea was formed based on our own experience as researchers, and over the past month we've recently ramped up our validation efforts to make sure other researchers are into it as well.

To validate our idea, we've been experimenting with promoting tweets on Twitter. I'll summarise what we did below for those that are interested!

tl;dr: the twitter campaign validated the idea with our persona, brought eyes and signups to our site, helped us prioritize our product roadmap and helped us revamp our site.

You can check out our new site below! Would love to hear your thoughts on the site / our idea too.


Twitter campaign information.


  • What we did: Twitter promotional tweets
  • Budget: Less than 2 cups of coffee per day ☕️☕️
  • Audience: Worldwide. We would add ~5 new countries to target every 2 days in the beginning. After about 1.5 weeks we kept the countries the same
  • Ran 2 different campaigns of ~3 weeks: 1 directing them to a 10 question survey (Lasted <2 weeks) and 1 directing them to blog post (Lasted <1 week)
  • Ran different promo tweets at one time for each campaign. The ads had slight differences in wording


  • We received validation of our product with our target market! This was so exciting for us!!! For us, validation was as such: 1) would they take the survey and say the would use our product in the survey? 2) in the survey would they leave their email to sign up for early access? 3) would they go to the site and leave their email for early access?
  • Used the survey to validate the different types of research personas we crafted (a lot of things aligned!)
  • Used the survey to prioritize our question bank's roadmap so we knew which types of questions we should be adding in first
  • Redid the landing page to update the content and messaging

Biggest learnings:

  • It was was so easy to run!!!
  • As you should with all marketing, we made adjustments almost every day based on what was working / wasn't working. We were definitely learning as we did it and got better everyday
  • We started off with a link click campaign and realized by day 2 it wasn't working. We quickly switched to an impressions campaign and it worked so much better for a lot less $$
  • The blog campaign got people to our site, but they didn't work well for converting signups
  • The survey campaign saw phenomenal results. It brought us a lot of survey responses and sign ups :)
  • Twitter is like google where it will take time to optomize, but its not as sophisticated as most search engines

Let me know if you have any questions on this! Just wanted to keep it high level here

(PS, the picture is the WIP of the before / after of the landing page @tzeying designed)

  1. 1

    What subreddits were you active on? Did it bring in traffic that converted?

  2. 1

    Could you share your survey? Really curious how you structured your questions

    1. 1

      Yes of course! You can see it here: http://bit.ly/378nY2D

      Happy to answer any questions you have about this particular survey / surveying in general

  3. 1

    Haven't thought of using Twitter to validate an idea. Might consider it in the future.

    Great to hear your progress!

    1. 1

      Yeah we've been pleasantly surprised about the results. Definitely something to try out!

      1. 1

        Yes, thank you for sharing it to us.

  4. 1

    Thanks for sharing !

    I’m curious- what are you using for your ux design? (the screenshot on the left)

  5. 1

    Thanks for the interesting insights.

    Did you try other forms of paid ads and have any comparisons?

    1. 1

      No problem!

      We haven't yet for this project, but we will in the future once we launch the question bank! Right now we've been focusing on posting in free places like linkedin, indiehackers, reddit, twitter (regular tweeting) because we don't want to spend yet. We'll definitely do others in the future, most likely google search first

      We've just been curious about twitter for a while now and wanted to try it out with a small budget. Driving people to our survey + page was the perfect usecase to test an unknown (to us) paid channel. It's been a fun experiment and it worked enough that we're still playing around with it for a different campaign!

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