Landing Page Feedback November 26, 2020

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Gzim Helshani @helshani

We just launched our landing page for our upcomming product that we will launch very soon.

The idea is to provide business with an easy to set up digital place where have a centralized place for live chat with their customers, online booking, content management etc.

Would appreciate the feedback on the landing site and in general as well.

Take care

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    Congrats on the launch, and the upcoming product release!

    I guess you're providing a white-label mobile app for small businesses so that they could talk to their customers? Then "The online gate to your business." is too vague to me. "Personalized mobile app to connect you with your users" should then be "Branded mobile app to connect to your customers", and could go as the headline. The second line could expand a bit and cover what, for whom and why (branded app for small biz to nurture your customers).

    All the rest is pretty cool, I like high quality gifs, lots of cool features. One thing I'd add is what current solutions you'r e replacing and why they suck.

    I think you're on the right track with a very much needed product, so keep pushing!

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      Thanks alot for your feedback, much appreciated.

      is too vague to me
      I agree, we will try to find something a bit more specific.

      Definitely, we are quite close to launching and we will keep pushing forward.

      Thanks a lot Artur

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    Nice job, looks really great and after reading the landing page I guess I have a good understanding of what you provide. I also like the multi language feature, also haven't found any misspellings in the German version. The only thing I would urgently advise you is to add an imprint and privacy policy, especially if you operate in Germany. And to do the cookie banner GDPR compliant.
    Nice job +1

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      Hey, thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated.
      Indeed, we are working on the GDPR related stuff, thanks for the heads up though.

      Glad you liked the page.

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