Solo Entrepreneurship October 17, 2020

Re-joining Indie Hackers



I'm joining indie hackers today. I love the openness, the transparency and the testimonials of all the inspiring hackers.

I was already an "indie hacker" since 2009. I started building and monetizing websites in order to get some extra revenue and manage to pay my bills.

The side revenue soon became higher than my 9/5 job revenue. I hired developers to help growing but that didn't work. Working alone, with no clear goals, no challenge and the feeling that I failed starting my company, I soon felt bored. Took another 9/5 job, revenues started decreasing with websites becoming old and outdated.

Discovering Indie Hackers couple of months ago was kind of kick in the ass for me. I read inspiring people doing excellent job and sharing their numbers and revenues. I discovered that I was missing a big thing and that I could be doing much better. Know I know what to be done, and I am on the track.

Thanks all and specially @1hakr for waking me up !

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    Welcome back :) Any ideas on what is next for you?

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      Thanks @agam.
      Now I'm setting the infrastructure part. I'm dockerising the existing applications and configuring CI/CD and deployment on k8s cluster. I want also to enjoy the journey and acquire new IT skills.

      For the coming months I will be refreshing the existing websites that I consider as valuable. For example I own :

      I also have some ideas but nothing clear for the moment

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        Looks interesting. Keep us posted.

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