Landing Page Feedback March 26, 2020

Re-launched... and looking for feedback from freelancers!🚀👋

Elliot Seror @tollie93

Hey Indie Hackers!

After a month of coding, I just relaunched Freelancer Protocol. It manages the payment side of project so that freelancers get paid throughout projects, on time and with 100% certainty.

It appeared from interviews this was a significant pain point for freelancer so I was surprised the conversion for my new homepage is ... well, terrible.

I'd love to get feedback from you freelancers out there. Get in touch and help me build a product that'd be useful to you !

Many thanks,

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    Sounds great! But I want to know which payment protocols are you using? It would be safe to add bank account directly? Isn't a better idea if you add payment apps like PayPal or Skrill etc? I am very much interested in this site but I am not sure about its security about payments.

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      Hi there Tomiko! We use Stripe (and Stripe Connect for payouts) so we never see or store payment info and it's top-grade safe! :)

      Looking to open to Paypal soon.

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    Love this, really clean and straight to the point. I'm actually going through this problem right now - one of my clients has defaulted on my invoice for a fairly large project and it's had a hugely negative effect on me in general. I love seeing projects in this space.

    I would agree with the point about pricing. Good to have that front and center.

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      Hi ShogunPurple!! Sorry your client defaulted, it happens too much... I read freelancers in the UK loose £5400 on average in unpaid work! 😱

      Feel free to sign up if that can be of interest!

      PS I just added pricing specifications at several obvious spots, thanks!

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    Extremely clear copy, well done. That's often the one thing I find missing on sites like these.

    The only thing that I would add is more information surrounding pricing. It appears the service is free (minus the fees incurred upon payment). I think this is a pretty valuable selling point, and would recommend promoting that on the landing page.

    Overall, very well done!

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      Hey Bretwill,
      Thanks for the compliment!

      Given we do charge 1.5 % I don't think I could describe the service as free, but I could mention something like "we don't get paid unless you do", below the signup button for example?

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    Hi Elliot, I'm not a freelancer but I'm left wondering what the service costs, and whether clients would be willing to pay for work up front with the promise they get their money back if the milestone is missed. In reality aren't milestones more flexible, and clients are used to paying for work once it's complete? Let me know if I missed something but this sounds like an escrow service, and I'm wondering if there are laws and regulations you'll need to abide by in order to provide such a service.

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      Hi Russel!

      Yeah you got it, clients would have to trust they'll get their money back if deliverable isn't uploaded.

      Apparently it's not an escrow service If I'm an entity charging the client and paying the freelancer, as long as I don't say sentences like "holding client funds on your behalf"! I'm just another buyer and seller of services. But yeah theoretically i'm that kind of intermediary.

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    The design is clean and clear.
    I'll just focus more on the pain it solves for your customers. "mange" is really an overused and too broad term.
    I will go for something much more direct like "Never lose a payment again." or "Always be paid on time"... something like that.

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    why call it a protocol? Other than that everything looks good.

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    Good one!

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    I believe that this is because you don't emphasize the pain point, and it just comes across as another regular project/payment management tool.

    The only reason why this is not working is messaging and that people don't get it. If you wouldn't describe here what it solves, I would just think that this is another regular tool like all.

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      ok thanks, sounds obvious but actually is really helpful! 🙏

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        No problem! See, usually it's not that your potential customers don't want your product, but rather that they don't understand it.

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          yeah, i'm struggling with conveying in a simple way the theory behind it, namely the fact that a smart cashflow management will keep everybody aligned and honest and reduce the risk of projects going to shit!

          But I guess it's all about offering the user various levels of complexity depending on where they are in the journey!

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            Why would you give them various levels of complexity?

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    Thanks a lot for for the feedback!! 🙏💪

    So you're all right when you say current headline differs from my main value proposition. I did try more direct approaches in the last days (like "Get paid throughout projects") but something more generic/vague converted better.

    However, "manage projects and payments" is misleading as regards to where the real value resides. So after reading your feedback I'm going with:

    • "Reliable payments for freelancers" as a main headline (will a/b test with "Reliable payments for your projects")
    • "Get paid at every step of your project, never late and with 100% certainty" as a subtitle


    Thanks again for the help , here's what it now looks like: