Landing Page Feedback February 21, 2020

🚀Re-launched my landing page based on the feedback I received here on IH. WDYT?

Ertugrul Cavusoglu @Ertugrul

I've gathered tens of feedback with regards to my product and the landing page, and one of the criticisms I received here on IH was that I had TONS of copy written on my landing page, and it wasn't that clear what my product was doing.

Here's the previous page:

So, I came up with a way more intuitive and straightforward copy and design based on this feedback and re-built the landing page (using @Versoly, s/o to Volkan!)

📌 Here you can reach the new landing page:

Let me know what you think, what I can improve, and so on.

Thank you in advance!

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    This is great. Such a huge improvement. Much simpler to consume and understand. Great job!

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    Hey Ertugrul!

    I love what you did there! Really like the clean look.

    A small design thing: the "Ready to learn more" box seems a little bit too big. Maybe a bit smaller would look better. And when looking at the page on mobile this box touches the sides of the screen. You could add a margin left and right or you could remove the border radius and leave it like that.

    I hope I could help :)

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      Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Noted the margin issue, will look into it!

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    How is the product different from traditional digest email newsletters?

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      Hey! Thanks for the chance to clarify. With Subscribr, you can set up your preferences and receive newsletters personalized to your interests. So, rather than subscribing to a number of newsletters on different subjects, you will find all you need in one place.

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    Good start but I think it's too black and white. It also needs less text and more images / illustrations.