June 1, 2019

Re: Starting bootstrapped IH founders: I’ll help you get your first customers/users (free)

Abdo Riani @abdoriani

@andreimc @milozo @Ryan217 @genfurukawa @AlexDaro @davethebrave @Alfred1000351 and many more. Enjoyed talking to you this week.

For those who are struggling to find a path to market (first paying customers/users) and we didn't get a chance to talk this week, I'd like to help you clarify the next steps through a 30-minute call next week.

If you’re interested in a quick call/guidance session, here’s my calendar, feel free to pick a time that works best for you. https://calendly.com/ariani/30min

Quick bio: Currently founder of StartupCircle.co where passionate founders get personalized guidance from successful entrepreneurs towards their short and long-term startup goals. Before Startup Circle, I was involved in the launch of numerous bootstrapped startup ventures through a startup development studio I started in college. I write all about validating ideas and taking products to market by doing things that don't scale in Forbes and Entrepreneur. Lastly, I have a PhD in business with a concentration in early-stage startups and funding.

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    Spoke to Abdo! He gave me so much insight and affirmed a lot of my internal dialogue. He's focused my next few days and I'm excited to to get to work on the exact few things that's going to get my startup to that next step!

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      Glad our conversation helped @gxespino. I look forward to hearing your updates.

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    You were immensely helpful, dude! Will update you by mail. I'm really appreciative. Sometimes we need external input.

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      Thanks @milozo. Enjoyed our call. Looking forward to it.

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        You are a star! Will update you over the weekend.

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    I am very glad that I was able to connect with Abdo for 30 min--highly recommended for actionable tactics specific to the challenges you are facing. A generous offer that epitomizes what the IH community seems to be so strong at: generously helping others where possible. Thanks Abdo!

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      Thanks @genfurukawa. It was a pleasure speaking with you too.

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    Great talking to you, Abdo. Your advice will definitely help me with Rezden.

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    @abdoriani had great insights and feedback. Will be integral to how I proceed, thanks!

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    Scheduled for Monday! Thanks

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    Had a long talk with Abdo, gave me some great ideas for Versoly, and we will be implementing them ASAP.

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      It was a pleasure chatting with you @volkandkaya. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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    Thanks it was really helpful :)! I’ve gotten 4 customers since!

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      @andreimc, that's awesome.