Growth February 26, 2020

Reach more people

Florin Pop @florinpop17

I would like to take my YouTube channel to the next level and I need your help. A little brainstorming session would help! ☺️

By the end of 2020 my target is 100,000 subscribers.

So far I have managed to grow nicely and quickly enough up to 7,600 subscribers, but lately I have seen a slight decrease...

I feel like I have to get (somehow) in front of more people and audiences.

I kept thinking about contacting community leaders with tens or hundreds of thousands of members to see if they would like us to collaborate. I don't know 100% if it would work because I haven't tried it yet.

What do you think? 🤔

Or I could just wait for the YouTube algorithm to "come into play" and show my videos to more people. But this is more of a "long term" plan...

Thanks in advance everyone for help / advice! ☺️

P.S. Here is my channel:

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    Hi there, I have no experience in YouTube creation but I love following and watching many channels on a daily basis. I'd recommend making collaborative videos with those leaders or other members alike. Maybe gathering some common questions and creating live videos to answer questions, creating some sort of engagement with your community?

    Anyway, 7,6K subscribers is awesome! Good luck getting to your target!

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    Have you considered investing a few bucks into YouTube Ads? It could be really beneficial to grow your following.

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      I heard of but never tried. Have you got any experience with it?

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        I used it once and got good results. Maybe this could help:

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          I'll take a look, thank you!