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React UI frameworks


Hi ive been tearing my hair out for the past 4 days, I was initially so excited that Tailwind CSS had prebuilt UI components but alas i can't use them as they have no JS, and trying to add the JS on each UI components will take a long time, they really need to hire someone ASAP to convert the UI components into other frameworks like Ant Design and others do!

So my question is what framework would you recommend

1.I have looked at Ant design and the great thing is they have reacted pre-built components for everything you could ever need BUT the styling is not as good as tailwind and if I styled each and every component it will take a long time as well.

  1. Chakra UI looks great but no form validation etc

  2. Uber base web looks promising but I'm not sure if it's widely used?

  3. bluepringJS looks good out of the box but they do not have any prebuilt ui kits like tailwind for example tailwind have Page Examples with dashboards etc

Do you know of any UI kits that are like tailwind but react friendly and preferably with page examples and form validation?


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    Chakra UI is great. I've used Material and Ant Design on lots of projects in the past but made the switch to Chakra and am loving it. There are still some things that aren't implemented yet, but for them most part I've found everything I need. For form validation I know some people use Chakra + Formik and there are actually some docs on this,

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      I came here to say this too! I've used Chakra in the past. Big fan. Formik, I've used once and that's because it came with a site template I used, but I'm a fan of the creator/maintainer so I think it's a solid solution for what you need.

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      +1 For Chakra. But, if you are building B2B, you are going to have probably a better time using Antd, since it includes pretty much everything you need in those kind of apps. If you are building B2C, or just a user centric app, then Chakra looks better IMHO.

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      +1. Actually letting the form control over Formik is a positive point for me. Formik is super powerful and its integration with Chakra is very smooth.

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    Thanks for the suggestions i really appreciate it, i dpownloaded Chakra and while it is good its the same problem with having to build basic parts from scratch, take for example a responsive navbar! you have to build it from scratch using flex. I think these basic componets should at least have the basics and then you can build up on them.

    Now i think i may have found something perfect and it seems major companies use it but im just a bit like really? as i cant really find any info or paople talking about it but my goodness it has eveything! Plus sidebar menus, full dashboard templates. Has anyone heard of them before?

    I only found out about them as I was even considering learning Vue as they have much better UI components and frameworks, but primefaces has react fully working components as well as Vue and Angular.


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    I know the answer, use Grommet. I did a lot of searches, although it misses some components, it looks pretty cool and they have Slack community. The Grommet developers are pretty responsive.

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    I would recommend you to check out Bytehub -

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    Currently using blueprintjs

    Waiting for tailwindUI to catch up with it and hopefully surpass it.

    I don't have time to build everything.

    I spoke with folks who have 100s-1000s of lines of code to convert tailwind to react, madness!

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      Yep i was so dissapointed that they didn't have react components I think it would literally takeoff even more! I just dont get it really but nevermind onwards and upwords :) I checked out blueprint but I think chakra may be better i the UI dept, have you used Chakra at all for a comparison? Thanks

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        Nope looks good, but I'm just waiting for tailwind.

        Blueprint comes with everything i'm spoiled. The UI could do with some work but the UX is great.

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    I totally understand this frustration and it's one of the reasons I built Divjoy. You pick your React UI kit (Bootstrap or Bulma) and it and gives you a fully-functioning React codebase, UI, auth, form validation, payments, etc.

    I'm working on adding Material UI now and eventually Tailwind (as React components). Would love to hear your thoughts!

    If my product doesn't work for you (or you're not interested in paying), then check out I'm loving it so far.

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      I will check it out thanks

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