React - Work together on a project?

Hey there!

Have been learning React/JavaScript for a few months now. My background is technical but have not developed something large for 10+ years. So I'm looking to work with someone on a project that can be shipped [not a complete throw away].

I'm looking at this opportunity to learn more about React and jump into TypeScript, GraphQL and perhaps use Microservices based architecture. It would also be to learn about working with someone, keep us accountable and ultimately building something from scratch to ideally being Ramen Profitable.

You must be able to be dedicate at least 2 hours/day to this. You can count on me to pitch as many hours as we decide on scope. I expect to communicate on a daily basis on the progress of our venture.

We would work on an idea we both find interesting. I could be convinced to work on other domains, but I'm most familiar with FinTech and B2B/Enterprise IT.


P.S. If you live in Toronto, I'm happy to meet up for beverages as well.

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    Hi, you can check https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzJ4DQ1UrlRZ0iQXvy_E5gmi6wlLdca1k This channel is just try to tell about how to develop react (native) without explanations. There are no functionalities but in time I will try to add. I hope that it can help for some tricky parts. Best to learn do simple project.

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    Hi, I'm 18 and only a beginner who knows the basics of HTML, CSS, JS and Python. I have never before worked on a real-world project and believe I would gain a lot from this experience to develop my skills.

    I understand that mentoring another person through a project may not be what you are looking for, but if I could get involved with any part of your project (no matter how small) I would be very grateful. Would this be possible?

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      Hi Sylvain-

      Not sure how much of a mentor I can be as I'm levelling up on React myself. But I'm happy to collaborate and learn with you on some project.

      Assuming you have the time to spend on this, are you interested in learning React? If so, I would urge you to learn the basics about it and then we can chat further.

      Cheers and good luck!

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        Started learning reactjs today hoping I can work with you someday

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        Hi. Thanks a lot for your offer. I have started with the course you linked and I expect to finish it within a day or two. I will contact you when I am done on your IH email. If that doesn't work you can suggest any other way to get in touch :)

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    Hi LetsDoIt,

    I unfortunately can't take you up on the offer to build a startup. However I can offer you Uclusion free forever if you signup soon. My co-founder and I started out much like you are describing so we can also offer advice on anything our blogs https://medium.com/uclusion haven't covered.

    Good luck,

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      Thanks David. Appreciate the offer and the guidance you have shared in your blogs.

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