March 14, 2019

Read and learn about User Experience (UX) Design.

Hey Indie Hackers! ✌️

I’m Guillaume, one of the makers of Qlearly.

Over the next month, I will be launching 4 small sites like All of them were built within 2 working days.

Regarding the 4 launches;

💭 Inspiration
I personally strongly believe in things along the lines of working for yourself, starting a business with a small team or not needing school to become one of the first 100 employees for the next Uber or AirB&B. Though, skills matter and are always a good asset to have.

🛠 Solution
The first two launches will be focused around helping you learn or refine a skill. While the third one will focus on helping you get a remote job. The fourth one is a bit of a data overload which you will likely appreciate and can easily find again later. More on this fourth one later!

Full List:

    2 TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA

📈 Side Project Marketing
As we have been bootstrapping Qlearly, we do not exactly have a 'marketing budget'. Instead, this year I will mainly be going with 'Side Project Marketing'. I always love curating resources, music and so much more. My main goal with each will be to help a 'targeted' audience with something. I have a few ideas (close to 10) and plan to launch most of them this year regardless of the potential result, upvote count etc.

I hope you will find at least one of the sites helpful, if not I will have definitely failed on that part. If you do not find the first three helpful, stick around for the fourth one!


Qlearly is a modern bookmarks and tabs manager. We have been working on it for almost three years now (the web version), however, about 8 months ago we started to work on the browser extension instead. We quickly realized it was a much better solution. We ourselves started using it a lot more, and finally organized all our bookmarks while being able to use our computer with very few tabs open. I hope you will consider giving it a try and that you will find it to be a good solution yourself. Here are some of the features coming soon in the 2.2 version.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will be here and on Twitter all day. I'd love to hear any feedback, questions or suggestions you may have. There's a chance of typos and small errors as well, if you notice any, please do let me know.