Ready to take the online business plunge!

Hi! I'm an experienced programmer and design dilettante finally getting serious about building my own online businesses. I'm close to launching one site and have a couple ideas that I'm excited to work on afterward (going to try to stick to just one at a time 😂). The thing I most need help with is, well, figuring out how to get help in navigating this new terrain. I'm used to doing everything myself, but I think it's more effective to rely on and help others :)

Right now I have a site that makes a nice little profit, https://jobs.braveclojure.com. It's a job board for Clojure programmers (I wrote an introductory book on the language that's pretty popular).

My side projects are all about helping other people build positive communities and lift each other. I'm very excited to become a part of this community!


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    I like your emphasis on positive communities and lift each other up. Hopefully IH will do the same for you! We could all use more of that! :)

    If I may ask, about how much does your job board bring per month? I ask because I was once interested in started a niche job board.

    Edit: I look forward to hearing more about your project ideas!

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    Thanks @babeard :) The job board made > $5000 last year. I have some ideas that I hope will double that this year, but those changes are low on my list of things to do.

    The project I'm working on now is a re-launch of gratefulplace.com - I've expanded its "mission" to be a community for cultivating positive values, where people can talk about their efforts to develop compassion, gratitude, kindness - traits like that :) I've also revamped the design and spiffed it up in dozens of ways. All that's left to do is add some admin tools and it'll be ready to launch 🤞

    What kinds of things are you working on?

    edit: ha I didn't notice the "reply" button until just now. whoops!

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      Not bad at all. Helps pay the mortgage/rent for sure! :)

      Are you planning on monetizing gratefulplace in the future or is it strictly a for-fun project?

      Right now, I'm focusing on projects at my 9-5 job. Then at home, 3 kids (all under 3) take up the majority of my time. One day ™ I'll get back to it.

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        oh wow, yeah, I've heard that tiny people are a pretty time-consuming product to grow and develop, but the rewards are huge :D

        The new GP will have a subscription link so people can support the site, but I'm not really trying to monetize it. I just want it to exist, but I've also had an eye toward writing it in such a way that I can easily reuse much of the code for the next project, which will be a paid product

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