Landing Page Feedback March 31, 2020

Real Basic MVP up.

Zac Barnes @zbarnes

So I've been working on this idea for a little while off and on. I've been doing research on dividend growth investing. I noticed a lot of the YouTubers who talk about this have fairly complicated spreadsheets that they try to sell. I figured I could make a better SaaS ;)

I've got it deploying to Heroku at the moment but it still has many features to be built. I would love any and all feedback!

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    Can I see a demo without signing up?

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      Interesting! I never even considered that. Can you help me understand what you mean by a demo? As in a free trial period? Or like a video explaining everything?

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        I went to the website, and wanted the same thing, some demo or info. Beware: I’m not your target user, just a fellow hacker.
        Think about it incrementally:

        1. Description on how it work
        2. Detailed explanation of how it work
          3 screenshots
          4 video of it working
          5 dummy data to let your user play

        I think 1-4 is what you need, later on maybe 5. But better get real users, who will benefit most of your product? Who is desperate for your product, show the app to these guys.


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        I literally just thought about ability to go behind the login screen without logging in and seeing some dummy data - just being able to click through and get a feeling of the app.

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    Clean and simple, with a solid tagline. I know its an early MVP, but would be useful to include the copy for the further features to get a better grasp of the full value prop.

    What API are you planning on using for the price updates btw?

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to look! I am honored.

      I'll admit the copy part is very hard for me so I've been putting it off as long as I can. I think my next step will need to be spending time on the home page.

      I am working with the IEX Cloud ( API. It's got great docs but seems to be a little flaky. It might also be because I am on the free tier.

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    I agree with the others. It needs some screenshots/video/password-less demo.

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    Would be really cool to use a demo before signing up.

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      Interesting! I never even considered that. Can you help me understand what you mean by a demo? As in a free trial period? Or like a video explaining everything?

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        Basically a one button click where I can start using the app with some dummy data just to get a gist of what it's about.

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    It's interesting, and I will say clear, but I think you can probably illustrate the mechanics of the idea. Remember, a huge market is also new people to the the investing game, those younger folks introduced via say the Robin Hood app. I'm not necessarily young, lol, but I am one of those folks included in the newer investing crowd.

    I recently received two dividend payments from stocks I own, so you are saying this is like Acorns for dividends? Maybe I'm thinking Acorns since my amounts are low (lol) and I'm more or less playing around at first.

    Can you tell me what you're going to do with my $1.38 cents?

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      Thank you for looking and leaving such great feedback!

      I see your point. I will spend some time working on the messaging to get that clear. As of right now, it will be a replacement to confusing speadsheets but I hope to maybe make it more interactive in the future. Maybe see some trending purchases, etc.

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        My pleasure. And totally agree with starting with the lowest hanging fruit. Just wanted to share my feedback that I think there's potential meat on the bones with other types of customers too.

        Wishing you the best!

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