Landing Page Feedback December 2, 2019

Recipe app landing page, would like advice

Winslow Mohr @Dirigible37


I've built a landing page for my recipe app that's in development (fairly close to a beta). I'd love some advice on the site itself, and methods for getting it out there! I've tried reddit and that hasn't worked well. Honestly not sure where else to find communities to share it with.

Thank You!

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    Hi! Here's my feedback:

    • The current header "A simple app to store, share, and view your favorite recipes." doesn't do a great job of explaining why the app is different or compelling. The header should better describe what your app is, and what the benefits are. For example, maybe something like: Header: "Organize Your Recipes" and Subheader: "Import easy-to-follow recipes from your favorite websites without ads or long-winded stories".

    I think something like the above vs. "A simple app to store, share, and view your favorite recipes." helps explain what the app does to users better and explains why they should keep reading (removing ads and long-winded stories).

    I'd also recommend having an email capture at the top of the site as well as the bottom of the site. Maybe also offer a reward for entering their email as well at this stage, or make the email capture more compelling: something like "Join our beta list and get 6 months of free access when we launch" or "Become a beta tester and get early access to our app"

    Hope this is helpful!

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      Thanks, great advice!

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    There are lots of recipe apps. How is yours different? Seems like a cool idea. The Cook mode resonated with me.

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      That's a place where I'm struggling to really vocalize. Basically, our doesn't have many "new" features. We just take features people like from other apps, put them into one, and simplify it down. Here's my attempt:
      -Your Recipes, not a database of other people's recipes
      -Enabling digitizing your physical recipes. We have a manual recipe upload, and hope to have an OCR recipe upload in the future
      -Make sharing way better/easier. Plain text, through the app, pdf, or persistent webpage hosted by us.
      -Cook mode. More effort in the beginning to separate steps and ingredients, but way easier later on (no switching back and forth between step and ingredients).

      Lots of future options too. Meal planning, grocery online ordering integration, cookbook creation, etc.

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    I love the cook mode feature! I agree with other comments below as well. Lastly, I would say your color scheme seems unrelated to cooking. I guess I was anticipating pastels.

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      Yeah I've debated about the colors for a little while. I don't want it to be too bright, but thanks for the advice :)

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    Hey Winslow! I think it would be nice to have backgrounds to the sections that reflect the "simplicity" theme you are going for by having a clean, single color instead of images of food.

    I also don't think the "next" buttons are necessary since they just scroll us to the next section which is something that would have naturally taken place, anyway.

    I also agree with @sethk re: the header copy!

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      Hmmm thanks for the advice, I was wondering if those images made it a bit cluttered. Also thanks for the advice on the next buttons, I'll think about getting rid of those!