Developers June 29, 2020

Recommend service to capture sign up emails


This should be trivial but I can't find a simple service to capture user email on a form.

Something to put on the post form:

<form action="">

And I get the signup by email or access in their system.

Can anyone recommend something like this?

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    I used for couple of project and it was working like you're describing it and just forwarded all form submissions to specified email address

    <form action="[email protected]">

    But I see that they added a lot of new features since then, so not sure if it still works the same way...

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    Shameless plug - checkout

    It does exactly what you're asking for, stores your form submissions and also emails you the form submission. I have also built a zapier integration (invite only), which means you can push your form submissions to all kinds of other services, like slack, google sheets...etc.

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    Almost all email marketing providers have this, you create the forms in their dashboard and then copy the code to your website. I use SendinBlue, but MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and all the rest do it as well. You can find a longer list on my website here.

    It captures the information and stores it under each person's contact.

    If you use Wordpress, you can set up a form so that you get an email when the person submits it. I use WPForms lite, which is the free version.

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      I'm singing up for Mailchimp.

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    I am trying out They provide an easy way to create your signup form and embed it or what I did, build your own form and call their API to capture signups.