Recommendations for LMS backend?

Hey everybody. I was talking to someone yesterday that wants to start their own online course. They're not technical at all, but are convinced they need to build their own custom site. Does anyone know of any good lms system that could by used as the backend so that we could just create a frontend site to give the custom look without having to create everything from scratch?

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    Teachable, CourseMaker, and Podia are all good options to look into!

    If he's dead set on custom building, you could use Memberstack + Webflow (that's what I used to build No Code MBA).

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    i'm a huge fan of mighty networks.

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    Hi Brent, we are launching a Headless CMS and we have built a backend module designed for the LMS of some of our clients.

    Being Headless, you have 100% control on the Front side and then we have the LMS ready to use on the client side.

    If you find it interesting, let's talk by email: [email protected]

    Greetings @smithgeek

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    To build their own LMS they should start from a free software project to avoid to start from scratch. Moodle is the most popular option https://moodle.org/ and the most robust, with a great community behind it. Some Web hosting services will be able to give you a Moodle site set up and running as some are doing with Wordpress.

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    We built www.eduflow.com. We have a Zapier integration so you can build your own landing pages and checkout and just use us for the actual course.

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    Check out FreshLMS for $99 on Appsumo.

    or look at any LMS that has a LTD which might be better to get it use it on your own site.

    Also anything on CodeCanyon, might be useful for you to customize.


    One last "out there" or "crazy" idea.

    I've made a google sheet that lists videos and students can check off when they watched a video. Put that behind gumroad or a paywall of some sort, and you're good to go. Obviously this a slap and dash approach but might get some revenue from the get go for almost nothing in expenses.

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