Learning to Code March 26, 2020

Recommendations for Poor Man's Elastisearch on AWS?

Vince Fulco @BigHireio

I am fiddling with a couple of toy examples while learning serverless/react/dynamodb/s3, etc. and would like to find a quick, ultra-cheap "plug-in" solution, i.e. docker containers(?). I have seen a few things mentioned while searching but thought wisdom of group is better. Thanks all.

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    If you don't want to use another Saas product, these are really good.


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      I'd second these two. I've been following them for quite some time. I even did an extensive research on which one I'd use, and I ended up with Typesense. I don't remember the specific reasoning though. Both seem quite good. MeiliSearch is written in Rust, which makes it more "hipsterish" ;)

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        +1 for the hype to Rust. LOL.

        Even I recommend typesense. I can tell for sure that it's written with optimization in mind.

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    These 2 offer es with free tier:
    Bonsai.io offers 1gb storage and 1gb ram.
    Searchly.com offers 2 indices and 20mb storage

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    I use Algolia, which has a generous- enough free plan, and works very well. Try that out!

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    What’s your goal? Are you trying to learn elastisearch or are you looking for anything that can provide search?

    AWS has a free tier for elastisearch you can use. Or you could try algolia on it’s free tier. This is the search service used by indie hackers.

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      I want good search functionality on relatively low volume sites. I used ES last year for a hosted app on AWS last year and got hit with a decent sized bill. I will need to look into the free tier for AWS as many are complaining ES isn't included. Thanks!